Free Tarot Reading with Psychic Alesso – Heal Your Soul Reading

Free Tarot Reading with Psychic Alesso – Heal Your Soul Reading

Heal your soul.

Love is the one thing that does not need to be explained. To be fully connected to your power means to know your worth and to understand that your very ‘being’ is love itself. The light in us is where we find our compassion, our hope, our freedom. The shadow side of our being is where we lose ourselves and find destruction, panic, and emotional torture.

There may not always be a way out just yet, but there is always a way through. We are the souls who were brave enough to come into this realm to experience being human. This is where the hardest soul lessons are but who would any of us be if we did not have to face some of the horror? Nobody ever became their own powerhouse through living an easy life.

Today we are going to use the tarot (not as a predictive tool) but instead to reflect back your truth as it is now.
If you feel ready to start healing and to reclaim your hero spirit, then please choose a number below x

1) The Tower

Wow. You have been up and down the escalator then through the revolving door.
The Tower is a volcano in its own right, everything that once felt settled and whole now feels completely out of control like wildfire.
Love can be blind, and more often than not we forget that all of the wonderful expectations we may put on to someone else are often just standards that we have also set for ourselves.

When you look at another human being, either romantically or other, you either see a familiar soul or someone incompatible. HOWEVER, what about illusion? What if everything you always believed had been there was infact your own creation of that soul?

Let’s say you have someone in your life who was a soul you had waited so long for, someone you asked the universe to send to you. Then you are faced with terror when something blasts your bliss apart like the tower represents. How are you supposed to deal with this?

The answer to this depends on what your beliefs are about love. The Tower is a card that can force you to be brutally honest about what is and what isn’t. You can either spend weeks, months or even years punishing yourself or you can know that you are more than a passive presence in the universe and there is infinite power in your hands to turn even the most dreadful situation around.

2) The Fool

Perhaps you feel you were getting closer to creating your ideal reality, there was a feeling of everything finally falling into place and now you feel back at the very beginning.
Have you ignored the warning signs? Have you chosen to stay in a comfort zone because it is safer?

You might find you are scared to have to go back to the beginning to start all over again. But what I LOVE about the fool is he will show you that sometimes when everything you once feared has already happened, then there is nothing left but to surrender and return to your authentic self.

Start by looking around you. Who is there to help you heal? Are you really so destitute and stranded in your grief that you believe this will be forever? Is the answer yes? Good. The Fool likes honesty and at least you can admit that you need change.

An analogy I like to use is thinking of your soul as being like a handbag. You have all of your personal possessions in there, you may lose things you wont get back but you can always find new and better. Your personal possession is YOU. Your soul is right there with you if only you’ll look inside.

Nobody can remove your love and your ability to bring new people into your life. Think of every person and experience in your life as ‘something borrowed’. We can of course believe in happy ever after but do not take it for granted – wake up each day and know that only you can make life what you want to make it – be the fool!

3) Temperance

Temperance. You have to forgive yourself. Carrying guilt can turn to self hatred and this is incredibly disempowering.

Perhaps you can sense incompatability? Sexually or emotionally? You do not always have to give up. There are other ways to compromise that doesn’t mean completely letting go – you just have to be creative.

Understand there is a universal energy we can meditate on. Everywhere in this world someone is hurting or going through a divorce, but there are also people living the dream with love and such heavenly blessings.

If you can allow yourself to feel part of all of that; then you can also allow yourself to know that whatever decision you have to make, you are part of something bigger.

Cosmic ordering is stunning and awesome. You might be frightened when your first cosmic order arrives as often you might ask for something when you are confused then all of a sudden you are faced with another round of indecision – be careful what you wish for and take time to think.

4) Queen of Cups

Court cards such as this Queen are always signalling your power is relying on another person.
You possibly feel you have given so much of yourself away and now you feel left out in the wilderness trying to find out what and who is real.

This queen gives you a choice. You will not heal your soul by staring into space, by over thinking or feeling desperate.
The majority of people have had someone strong in their life, someone who has triumphed over every battle known to man and come out the other end.

Surround yourself by people who believe in love and in themselves. Loss can be a wonderful teacher.
Perhaps you were with a partner and you felt like you were a power couple only to discover you no longer want that? You want to be empowered in your own right? Channel that.

Be careful of any co-dependent behaviours. Even the most well rounded and highly developed people can be swept away by love. If you feel you are on either side of the coin, then start by swallowing your pride and accepting that life does not exist without love because we are love. What you give, you receive!

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