Free Tarot Reading – Wisdom from your heart

Free Tarot Reading – Wisdom from your heart.

Our heart has a direct connection to our soul and our deepest wisdom. It’s easy to block the heart chakra. Wounds, past experiences and disappointment can disconnect us from our source. Our heart wants to empower us, care for us and show us how to live with passion.

Behind one of the three Tarot cards might be a message from your heart. Are you being guided to choose one?

Tarot Card One – The Queen of Cups

You are a deeply loving and sensitive soul. Do you allow yourself to flow with your emotions? Your heart whispers that you must be as tender with yourself as you are with others. Only mix with folk that honour you and treat you with the gentle care you give them. Limit your time with toxic negative emotions. Make sure that you are monitoring the way you communicate with yourself so that your inner voice speaks kindly.

You are worthy of love. When you accept your vulnerability you unleash your psychic ability, your energy to receive and to experience life as you know it should be. You have the opportunity for an emotional breakthrough now.

Tarot Card Two – The Magician

Your heart is very proud of you. You have processed powerful emotional changes and are heading toward creating your dreams. You have all the tools in front of you to transform your life. The key is KNOWING you deserve it and KNOWING you are capable of shifting your life towards happiness.

You are more powerful than you realise and are reclaiming your power. When you stand in your power almost anything is possible. Your heart suggests that a new cycle begins and that you can already feel it surging within. Think carefully about what it is that you desire and WHY! You can start afresh now.

Tarot Card Three – The World

Wow! Your heart believes in you! You are about to have a peak experience where you feel blissed out and complete. You have been working towards happiness and a reward is on the way.

If you feel that this is not possible, your heart is reminding you that it is. Your heart whispers that you can come through this, and find joy. It’s time to trust your heart, ditch fear, and boot insecurity out of the door.

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  2. Me and my children are going through a lot right now we had a three bedroom apartment but it had mold in mildew in it… They dad had abandoned us now we are homeless and I am doing my best to get our life back on the right track… We pray every night to god to help us. So to make the whole story short we really need a miracle right now so tell me what do you see in our future…

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