Free Tarot Reading – What Vibe Does This Week Have For Me?

Free Tarot Reading – What Vibe does this week have for me?

What I love about the Tarot is that it is a bit like Astrology. We get hints on what energy is around us and then can use it to our advantage!

Have a look at the three cards below and sense which one is going to tell you about the creative energy around you this week.

Tarot Card One – 7 of Pentacles

The meaning of the 7 of Pentacles is a good one! You might feel jaded, or overworked. You may have been wondering if all of your hard graft has been worth it? The 7 of Pentacles assures you that it is. Your reward is coming soon, in fact, you might have achieved more than you realise. Pat yourself on the back, you’ve come a long way baby!

Today is also a moment of reflection. What are your priorities? What does success look like? What do you want to achieve? You’re awakening to the fact that money is not as important as happiness. Abundance is on the way, a soul abundance that is priceless.

Tarot Card Two – The 5 of Rods

Yikes, you have been in a pickle! There may have been conflicts or a battle going on around you. Every time you want to move forward there has been a block or you have felt unsupported. Perhaps you have been fighting with yourself?

It’s time to sort out your spaghetti of emotions. Focus your energy on moving forward, sidestep conflict and don’t go over old ground this week. Maybe you have a fear of going for it in case you fail? Fight the negative inner voice, be your own cheerleader and TRUST in your soul GPS. When you listen to your inner voice you break through the barriers.

Tarot Card Three – The Ace of Cups

A heartfelt situation is reaching a conclusion this week. Whatever emotion has been building, a great healing is occurring. Your cup should run over with happiness `as your spirit enlightens you on what you need to do to find inner peace.

You’re nurturing and affectionate, others are drawn to your tender heart. You are finally trusting your feelings and your intuition is high. A love interest reveals what they are thinking. Lead with your heart this week and keep checking in to see what she wants.

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