Free Tarot Reading – What is going on right now?

Free Tarot Reading – What is going on right now?

One of the many joys of a Tarot reading is its ability to spark our intuition. Tarot offers us a key to action, to be able to sense the deeper meaning of the situations around us. Tarot can empower us to transform, to liberate ourselves from circumstances while giving us tantalizing clues about what is to come. Tarot awakens our witchery and kick ass Goddess within. What’s not to love?

Focus on the three Tarot cards and choose one that appeals to you. Scroll down for your answer

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Tarot Card One – The Empress

Yo Goddess! Do you know how lovable you are? You are an essential cog in many peoples engines. You have a tremendous ability to give, nurture and care for others (although you do not tolerate fools). Your creative skills are about to hit a peak. What is it that you want to give birth to? It’s time to honour your power and be aware that you can achieve your goal WITHOUT STRESS! The Wild Unknown Tarot shows you that you are a tree, your roots are strong, and you have the foundations you need.

On top of that, you are about to enter a particularly sensual time. Your desire is rising. The Empress is a major card and her number is 3 representing the 3 fold Goddess Maiden, Mother, Crone. Whatever stage you are at in your life you embody sacred wisdom, listen to it!

Tarot Card Two – 7 Of Cups

There is a myriad of potential and options around you but are you seeing them clearly? There may be a temptation to indulge in illusions or pull the wool over your own eyes! The 7 of cups says, “stop kidding yourself!” Wakey to your skill at being an enchantress not to being spellbound by others smoke and mirrors!

The 7 cups that are in front of you are filled with various choices. It’s time to use your intuition, your intellect and your grounded earthy practicality to pick the right cup. If you are giving your power away, having a no hope affair or indulging in escapism, then you might be missing out on a fabulous fresh pathway.

Another plus point of the 7 of cups is that it shows your imagination is fertile, flowing and abundant. Use it constructively.

Tarot Card Three – The Three of Swords

Sweet tender soul, a wound has been with you so long you may have forgotten it is there. The Universe is whispering that it is time to heal, to remember what it is to be whole and to trust again.

Your openness and empathy have not gone unnoticed. The Cosmos appreciates you. Take down your guard, release the past and fly free once more. Wounded warriors of love are the strongest of all, be a warrior of love for yourself and others. Do not let lesser energies taint your radiant soul. You are healing. Cut ties with the past and free yourself.

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