FREE Tarot Reading – Where Are You Going?

Your free Tarot reading – Where are you going?

One of the most POWERFUL things we can do to change our lives is to break patterns to allow all the MAGIC in!  All of us are prone to falling into routines, some good and some not so good!  This free Tarot reading is all about where you can travel to if you can make small changes (or big ones!).  So, do you feel stuck in a rut?  Could there be a message here for you about how you can enhance your life?  Focus on these three cards and see if one jumps out at you.  Happy travels!

Tarot card 1/ The 9 of Pentacles

Are you honouring how far you have come?  Sometimes we are so caught up in what is lacking in our lives that we forget to count all the miracles present.

This card is patting you on the back and reminding you that you are a success!  Maybe you have all the abundance you need, and maybe you don’t?  But what you do have is a host of lessons learned and a stronger relationship with yourself right now, more than you did in the past.

Take yourself out into nature and have some YOU time.  Be around a favourite animal that shows you unconditional love and BE in the moment.

When the 9 of pentacles shows up she is telling you that you are nearly there, you have earned a reward from the Universe and sensuality, abundance and achievement are on their way to you.  She is also reminding you that you have come a long way baby!  Keep doing what you’re doing, the cosmos is watching you. You are travelling towards contentment and fulfilment.  You got this!

Tarot card 2/ THE LOVERS

The lovers whisper that passion is on the way, passion for life, passion for a project or passion with a person. You are travelling towards a love reboot!  What does love mean to you?  Are you aware that all the love you feel comes from within you?

Often we project love onto others, but really we have all we need inside us.  How do you feel about yourself?  Do you honour and love YOU?  When we are kind and accepting of ourselves, we become a BIG love magnet!

If you are in a relationship currently, then perhaps you are about to have a rekindling of love.  Single? Then you are travelling towards love, make sure you don’t miss the love train, work on your stuff and embrace a fresh and different love pattern.  Remember you are lovable, worthy and as beloved as anyone else.

If you aren’t interested in physical love, then this could be a fulfilling friendship or a renewed passion for a projectyou’re embracing. Love comes in many forms FEEL IT!

Tarot card 3/ THE WORLD

You got THE WORLD!  Yeah baby!  It appears you are travelling towards a peak experience.  Something fabulous is on the way to you.

The world (like the gif) feels like, even if it’s for a moment, that everything is right in YOUR world!

You are on the path to fulfilment and happiness.  Of course, when we reach a peak we then begin a new cycle of learning, so we never stop, as the world is always expanding, changing and turning.

Kudos to you, you are about to receive an affirmation from the Universe, it might be big, it might be small, but it is a time of bliss.  KNOW that you deserve it.  You may have a profound moment when meditating or even just being, that you are connected to all that is, to the ONENESS of consciousness.  The World tells us that you might be at the end of one chapter, but a whole new book is about to start,  enjoy and DIVE IN!

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