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4 tarot cards

Your Free Tarot Card Reading – Pick a card

With Michele Knight-Waite

Hello, Wonderful One,

Welcome to your free Tarot reading. Tarot is fabulous for sparking our intuition and natural psychic ability. Don’t just read the explanation but use this as an opportunity to tune into your own psychic ability. Look at the back of the cards, does one scream ‘choose me?’. If one leaps out at you scroll down for you answer. When you review it ask yourself, how does the card make you feel? What colours jump out at you. If it were a page in a storybook what would the story be about and how would it end? Have faith in your natural ability to KNOW whats going on and where your soul path is going.

Big love


4 tarot cards

Tarot card one – The Page Of Wands

page of wandsCan you feel your passion rising? A rebirth and surge of energy is rising within your spirit. You are off on a new quest. Your heart craves adventure and there’s the fire in your belly to go for it.

Having said that, this Tarot card is a page. You are at the start of your journey so need to make sure that you don’t make any rookie mistakes! You’ve got to grow into your magic wand! So don’t get too big for your hiking boots!

You’re feeling or about to feel creative, passionate and bold. Your hunger for inspiration can only be quenched by exploring fresh possibilities.

It may be that you meet a character that embodies the Page of Wands. A young in age or spirit firebrand who is open and exciting.

Tarot Card Two – The Seven of Cups

7 of cupsA vast web of possibility is before you. It might not feel like it, but choices need to be made. The thing with options is that although we feel like we have free will, we are often ruled by our unconscious and past patterns.

The joyful message of the 7 of cups is that if you choose wisely or boldly, we can unearth fresh experiences, happiness, and fulfilment. Avoid choosing the painful experiences of the past. Thinking about an ex? Are they the snake or the rainbow? Use your intuition, gut feeling and inner wisdom to go forwards.

Tarot Card Three – The Four of Pentacles

4 of pentaclesHey Beautiful Soul, you seem to have been going through a hard time recently. Perhaps you’ve been hurt or suffered from a shortage of finance or abundance? You’re urged to examine how well shutting down is working for you. Is it time to open up your heart again? The winds of wonder want to blow through you, the magic of life wants to be available to you. We have all been in those terrible times when we build a wall to protect ourselves. When we do block ourselves, we stop our energy moving. In effect, we imprison ourselves in the wound. It may be time to heal now and taste freedom again. It might be time to let your spirit do a little jig and get back on your soul path? My advice? Believe in possibility again, you deserve it!

Tarot Card Four – The Ace of Pentacles

Ace of PentaclesBoom! It’s all to play for this week as a diamond thought or possibility is dangled before you. You’ve been inching towards building your self-esteem and healing past wounds, and it’s now time to take care of the details. Know that you deserve success and that you have earned it.

Influencers, powerful souls and wise ones are all drawn to you. Commit to your dreams, fight any fears or self-doubt. You have come this far and the next stage will likely feel simpler. The Ace of Pentacles assures you that you can and will do it. Ground yourself, look after yourself and plant your seeds deeply. An abundance spurt it on the way!

These images come from my upcoming Tarot Deck The Knight-Waite Tarot which will be published next year

Even though Knight-Waite is my married name I have been told I have to write the below.

(We have no affiliation whatsoever with the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, the rights in which are owned and/or controlled by the Penguin Random House Group.
Any similarity in trade names is coincidental only: we are not licensed by, endorsed by, or in any other way connected with Rider-Waite,
the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, or the Penguin Random House Group.)


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