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I suggest you listen to the film below but if for some reason you can’t I have also written the answers down. Sometimes in life, we need some intuitive advice on how to approach the next step in our soul’s journey. I thought I would do a four card reading on this subject. Look at the four tarot cards and see if one jumps out at you. Take some deep breaths and ask the question ‘What advice can you give me to get to the next step in my soul’s journey’. When you have chosen your card scroll down and read or watch the film reveal your psychic answer.

Introduction by Michele

Tarot Card One – The Eight of Cups

I love this card! Sometimes our soul calling will not be ignored and our wild heart seeks gratification and won’t settle for less. Looking at the 8 of Cups we see a red hooded figure walking purposefully towards the mountains. In the left-hand side of the card we see the Moon, and in front, we see eight cups with a gap in the middle.

This powerful card tells you that the next step for you is to seek what is missing in your life. You are about to leave something or someone behind not necessarily because you are utterly miserable or even unfulfilled but because your spirit knows what it needs and desires.

You have come to the time where you are courageous enough to go after your dreams. The Moon is giving you intuitive guidance on how you can capture your missing cup and spiritual holy grail.

It’s time to be authentic and honest with yourself and prepare for an adventure. You have already done the groundwork and worked towards healing and believing in yourself so go get em tiger!

Tarot Card Two – The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man says that to get to your next step you have to deal with limbo! I can hear you thinking ‘tell me something I don’t know Michele Knight I am in LIMBO!’ but hold your horses is limbo such a bad thing? Limbo has been given a bad rap in these modern times of instant gratification. Limbo is an important spiritual and soul lesson and comes to us with many often unseen gifts.

If you look at this card The Hanged Man is not being strangled or hung, he/she/they look like they may be enjoying him/her/they self. Often we struggle, fight and get frustrated in times of what we negatively perceive to be stagnation (believe me I’m an Aries, I get it!) However over the years I have come to realise that Limbo can be a treasure and the key is to stop fighting and start flowing. You have planted your seeds and wishes and hopefully tended and watered them? Now you are waiting for the seedlings to push through and your desires to become blossoming plants and realities.

When we make random decisions just to escape limbo, we miss a trick and can swerve off our path sometimes bypassing what we seek to achieve. If you are in limbo the trick is to take your mind off your longing.

So, the prescription of the Hanged Man is to have fun, do the things you love and let go for a moment. Stop pushing and put your energy elsewhere. If it’s a lover/love/career/money issue spend the next week focusing on something else, anything else, and this should shift the energy. No cheating though!

Tarot Card Three – 2 of Pentacles

I see you are sick of juggling? Perhaps there has been too many demands on you and you have become a master at just about keeping everybody happy? Funnily enough this card reveals that all this hardship and struggle has turned you into a bit of a Magician. You are adept at dealing with most situations and are about to be rewarded with a gift from the Universe.

Please trust in yourself right now. You are about to go on a journey. It may be a spiritual journey, it might be a sensual journey, or it may even be a literal journey, but whatever it is it is going to expand your horizons and deliver you to your next step. Well done!

Tarot Card Four – 6 of Wands

Yeah Baby, VICTORY is imminent. Any second now (OK, maybe a bit later than a second Ha! Ha!) you are about to be recognised for your talents and overcome an obstacle. It may be a huge victory or perhaps a small victory but either way you feel excited and happy. FINALLY, you are being given the credit you deserve.

If you have been holding you back, you are ready to clip clop to success and be fearless in taking a leap of faith.

Whatever has been holding you back from the next step is shifting and you can succeed. Other people start to appreciate who you are and what you have achieved so expect a round of applause. Don’t give up now, you are just about to nail it. Triumph is coming!


4 thoughts on “FREE Tarot Reading – The Next Step

  1. I always use a pendulum to see which card has a message for me. Numbers 2 and 3 both came up for me and are so right on! Thank you, you are the best!

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