FREE Tarot Reading – The Weekend Message

Take a few deep breaths and think about your immediate future. Then choose a number between 1 – 7 and see if the Tarot has a message for you. Scroll down for your Tarot inspiration.

Tarot card one – Knight of Wands

 Good news! A last-minute intervention or turn-around sees a situation all resolved in your favour. If you’re facing challenges, luck is on your side, but the message is you fight fire with fire. Others could encounter an out-going and adventurous individual with a fiery, passionate nature. Romance may or may not last but enjoy the ride! Take action and indulge in your wild side.

Tarot card two – The Page of Cups:

Get ready to receive a tempting offer. There’s a fresh creative flow coming through you, honour and protect your budding ideas. Your intuition is awakening and is also leading you in the right direction. You have a tender heart, love yourself as you would cherish a child, encourage yourself, be playful. A soul connection reminds you of what love without fear is.

Tarot card three – Four of Swords:

Poor sausage, you have been stressed out! You may need to pause and catch your breath. Chances are things have been so full-on you need to. Don’t be afraid to re-charge those batteries. Remember – you can’t take advantage of all the fabulous things that are about to happen if you’re not firing on all cylinders. Opt for some R&R. You’re recovering from heartache or grief and need time to recoup. The Universe has your back and will deliver what you need – Trust.

Tarot Cards Four – Wheel of Fortune:

Fate is at work, and there’s a strong possibility you find yourself in the right place at the right time. Everything in life is a cycle, and sometimes we get a break that’s destined for us. You’re about to receive some information that you’ve been seeking, and it’s likely to come from an unusual source. Perhaps you’re offered something ‘out of the blue’. Look out for an extraordinary new connection you meet in strange circumstances that can only be explained by destiny!

Tarot card five – Six of Wands:

Yeah baby! Like it or not you are set to get noticed or create the right impression. Success is on the way. You should be just about to emerge triumphant in a situation. Act confident and push forward with those big plans and ambitions as they could be about to pay off. Victory is yours and ripe for the plucking! If you’ve been feeling a little ‘meh’ recently expect to rejoice and experience a happy peak!

Tarot card six – Two of Wands:

You’re at the beginning of starting something new – a new job, business, or an innovative, creative enterprise, this is an exciting new phase. Your confidence should be soaring, and you can push forward now secure in the knowledge that if you make an effort, it leads to the greater things. Something may be being offered to you that looks small but could end up blowing your mind. Don’t dismiss anything until you’ve thought it through.

Tarot card seven – The King of Swords

The King of Swords is clear thinking and can cut to the chase. Once he is focussed on a goal, he goes straight for it. You may meet someone like this, or you may tap into these qualities in yourself. Others could be enticed by a highly intelligent man, but he may be too black and white in his views for you.

Clever, bright and honest he isn’t very good at expressing his emotions. Male/female/X or gender fluid this character is very set in their ways. If you need to be a warrior and carve out the truth, then this card tells you that you have the strength. If you feel that someone has cut off from you, it’s probably a blessing in disguise as you liberate yourself from a controlling force.

One thought on “FREE Tarot Reading – The Weekend Message

  1. Wow, I almost chose 7 because I was coming straight away from writing to someone who has been silent, although I know they read everything I write to them. Instead card 3 pulled at me so I read it first.
    My Lord, it is so spot on. So much has happened this month already….hard to comprehend. Then I read seven. Dont usually choose more than one card, but both were so spot on. I am amazed!
    Thank you so much!

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