FREE Tarot Reading – Creating Happiness

Your Free Tarot Reading – How to create happiness

I believe we are potent co-creators of our destiny. Fate doesn’t have the last say or the ultimate control of our path. We are the sculptors and sorceresses of our dreams. Yes, some things are meant to be, we have twists in the road that are gateways for our soul to be stretched, but equally, we can make choices that can transform our reality!

What action can lead you toward greater happiness? Pick a card and see if it resonates with you.

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Tarot Card One – The Sun

Embrace Joy! Recently you may have been bogged down with uncertainty. Perhaps you have forgotten what it is to experience free, unadulterated happiness? The Universe is guiding you toward pleasure and play. Take time out to do something silly, wild and spontaneous. What brought you joy in the past? From ice skating to riding a horse, a picnic in the park to covering your lover in strawberries and cream. Whether it’s curling up and watching Disney movies, or drawing, writing, dancing, playfulness brings healing to you.

In the immediate future happiness is coming. Feel the warmth of the Sun shining unconditional love on your being. Remember that you deserve pleasure. Like the kid on the horse, you are galloping toward a happier future, BUT it is up to you to help and commit to it. Work on your belief system and create a little space every day for joy. This Summer could also bring extraordinary experiences your way.

Tarot Card Two – The Three of Pentacles

You are on your way! It looks like you already have an inkling of the next step. You are laying the foundations for your happiness. The Universe is guiding towards building firm and solid foundations. You are moving towards creating a secure future. Keep going, know that you can do it. There are like minded folk coming in who will marvel at what you have achieved so far. Value your journey.

On top of that, you are putting your plans into action. You’re creating a path to security and achievement, well done you! If you keep at it, if you focus on the practical, and continue to be committed then success is yours. Go Goddess, Go!

Tarot Card Three – The Magician

Get ready! A new cycle is coming, and you are in charge! How do you feel about that? Are you happy to create your destiny? You have the tools in front of you to be the Magician in your life, but of course, you have to choose to use them!

I love this card as it shows you are ready to create a different reality. The Cosmos is all ears and is listening intently to what you want to manifest. Are you being clear or sending confusing messages?

The Magician is entering your life to reveal how powerful you are. Channel your desires, flow with your intent and make the magic happen. Have fun with it, play with creating a vision board. Create a Pinterest board filled with things that you want to manifest. The key to creating your reality is simple – Believe it is possible, believe you deserve it and then order it with the joy and expectation of a child! Go make magic!

3 thoughts on “FREE Tarot Reading – Creating Happiness

  1. I love this! I chose three, and am jumping in with both feet! Thank you Michele! Your Sagittarius friend❤️

  2. #2 was right on for me as I am a scorpio and know that there are many changes for me ….Meanwhile, I know by being my intuitive self not to take action until retrograde passes this card definitely resonates with me…Namaste

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