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We are always in different ‘energetic’ places. Sometimes life is easy and we experience happiness and pleasure and other times we are blocked or lost. How can we best use the energy around us? How can we benefit from where ever we are as a starting point for transformation? Is it possible to build our dreams from where we are now? Tune into the 3 cards. Take a few deep breaths and ask the three Tarot cards if they have a message for you about how to deal with the energy around you. If a number comes to you scroll down for your Tarot message.

 7 cups tarot card meaning7 of cups

This is a very interesting time for you, it has a very cloak and dagger feel, all may not be what its seems… Many dreams and ideas are flowing through you as well as choices are being presented to you.  You’re in a magical energetic space where you can manifest your dreams  and desires, yet there is a stark warning… ‘Be careful what you wish for’ as you might just get it.

The Dali Tarot deck has chosen to draw strength from the Rider Tarot and within this card we are presented with seven cups filled with fascinating and mystical objects. One cup contains a human head which could symbolise your intellect, The snake filled cup is your lust and passion. The cup with the  castle could be success and protection. The cup filled with jewels shows a desire for material wealth and the cup containing the laurel signifies victory and accomplishment. But what about the fierce dragon? Perhaps your life has become a ‘tad ‘Game of Thrones’. The mesmerising pull of the cup which contents are hidden, leaves us asking what is about to be revealed?, Maybe that cup is empty or maybe it contains a dream you haven’t dreamt yet? Within the card, you symbolise the Magician and the cups are symbolic of areas of your life. You are called on to be vigilant and realise the differences between dreams and illusions . 

This card advices you to choose very carefully as all choices have consequences. But by combining your head and heart energy with your intuition, this will allow you choose the right cup. The heightened energy around you is yelling  ‘anything is possible’.

hangedThe Hanged Man

Sinister as this card looks it’s actually a depiction of the Norse God Odin who hung from the World tree to learn the wisdom of the Runes. His post is relaxed and chilled out and he is not struggling to get free. He is simply taking some time to utilise his time of stillness when seeking new knowledge. You could be feeling in limbo. You could be anxiously waiting for something, you may just be bored or you may be hanging onto an outdated belief or situation which is causing stagnation. Have you grown used to this period of non action? Are you afraid to let go or move on? When the Hanged Man appears it is not a time to push forward but to be mindful that there is much going on under the surface. Just as we can’t see the spring flowers before they push through the earth, you may also not be able to see the fabulousness which is almost about to push through.

The best advice for dealing with this energy is to surrender. Look at things differently, take your time and weigh up your decisions and look at what would really be best In certain areas of yoga they say “If you want to see things differently, stand on your head”. A different perspective or mindset is often all we need when faced with a decision. There is much to learn and ponder and even if you feel still you are growing. Don’t try to rush something before it has had time to come to fruition. Remember , we cant force nature, and everything comes within divine timing. Relax in to this period  and see it as an energetic holiday. See it as a help instead of a hindrance. The Hanged man calls for you make a sacrifice in someway, something needs to be given up, but rather than look at this as a loss, focus on what you will gain, you would hate to be a martyr. 

Tarot Card 3

temperence TAROT CARD


Temperance is the card of alchemy and the magic of alchemy is only seen when components are mixed equally. A need to achieve balance is evident when this card comes in. When energies are not distributed equally it causes discord and discomfort. In the same way when we fight against something, we put up a resistance. When we allow something to consume us, we shift the dynamics and we suffer. It is only by realigning and bringing energies back in to balance that we restore peace and harmony. Trying to work with others or our problems we can bring in balance and things will flow a lot easier.

You could be experiencing a time of deep self evaluation and are rethinking your life priorities. Seeking a greater balance between your inner and outer self, maybe even searching for a higher meaning and purpose in life. The clash of the old and new could be causing confusion as to which direction you ought to take and what it is that is truly important to you. By not fully discarding the past, but taking the best parts of it and using them to your advantage in the present, you will regain composure balance and perfect alignment. Use this energy to give birth to a new you who can feast on life but remain balanced.

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