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The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul

Our soul feeds on creativity and all of us have a creative fire within us that once ignited can give us freedom of expression and enhance, even change our lives. When we are children, we are still brand new, we remember what it feels like to live from our soul and the ego has not yet tarnished us. When we are young we are full, brimming infact with creative forces cursing through our veins, we paint, we draw, we dance , we build, we sing. We do what comes naturally and that is to create!

Our souls are crying out for us to find this freedom of expression again, to remember what we have forgotten, to be our authentic selves and to learn to play again. Think of music, we don’t work music, we play it, when we make something, whether it be painting, doodling, or even daydreaming, we are taking ourselves to another place, we get lost in the moment and inspiration runs through us.

This interactive reading is to gain messages from our soul, each card holds a message that will allow you to gain freedom from the mundane and allow your soul to get the nourishment it needs.

Look at the cards, which one do you feel drawn to? Pick your number then scroll down to read your   soul’s message to you.

loversweb1: The Lovers.

Love has been the inspiration for artists throughout history. Writers, poets, songwriters, artists have all taken a step away from their egos and allowed their soul to speak through their preferred medium, this in turn brings pleasure to the listeners or observers, so by sharing their deepest thoughts and desires, they have spread the feelings to the masses!

Your soul message if you picked this card is Spread the love!this could be writing a letter to a loved one ( so much more romantic than modern day texts) If you are in love, let the other person know, they may know already but its always nice to be told. Paint them a picture, send them a love song that reminds you of them, surprise them with a beautiful creatively planned meal and see how this makes them feel special. Expensive gifts are nice, but handmade ones are often more cherished.

If you are looking for love, creativity is your best friend. take a piece of paper and allow yourself to write down the qualities you want in a partner, be as detailed as you can, and feel every emotion you will feel when they arrive as you allow your soul to speak through your pen. This is a great process to also let the universe know that you are putting your order in. Make a vision board centred around love and how you would like your love life to be, you are the creator of your own destiny, so be as colourful and creative as you can.

5 of cupsweb2: Five of cups.

You may have suffered a disappointment or could even be feeling disillusioned, but use these feelings to your advantage! Some of the greatest love songs were written when the writer was feeling at his/her worst.

They say what is bad for your heart is good for your art!! Art in all forms can be a way of release, it allows the emotions we store inside to be released and once we confront them they lose some of their power.

Your soul is telling you that you need to get things out in the open even if you may not be able to speak of the pain you are feeling, try writing it down, allow your feelings to spill on to the page, try to make a poem out of them or even a song!.

Think of your feelings as a colour, what colour are they? what shape are they? when we do this exercise it is so much easier for us to visualise our emotions.

Painful emotions are often dull drab colours, imagine yours in your head or even paint a piece of paper in the colour your unwanted emotion is,  then paint a happy colour over the top, yellow is great as it is often associated with sunshine and happiness, watch as you start to infuse the happy colour with your feeling down colour and see how it becomes more beautiful. There is sunshine in your soul, let it shine!

page of swords web3: Page of swords.

This is a fantastic card to unleash your creativity, it is already bursting to be let loose. Your soul is saying that it is now time to get something out in the open as well as try something new. There is something you need to get off your chest, and doing so may make you feel uncomfortable, the confrontation may be scary but you can release it without the need for confrontation.

There is a fantastic art project called POST SECRETthe curator asks the public to send them a secret, something they are holding in and feel they cannot tell anyone. He asks them to send it anonymously on a postcard, which you decorate yourself to his address and it is then exhibited along with many others.

Believe it or not, by just putting pen to paper and writing your secret down it takes away its power, you have released some of the burden and this will also bring pleasure to others, it may even resonate and encourage them to be more honest too. Your soul is also saying, what have you been putting off doing?whether this be a business idea, travelling the world, taking a risk, writing a book, your soul is giving you the green light and saying GO FOR ITuse your creative energy to make your dreams reality, if you have dreamt it you can do it!

king of wandsweb4: King of wands

Mr creativity himself has turned up to help you if this is the card you picked. The king of wands is the ideas man and is here to assist you. Your soul is asking you to look at what gets that fire in your belly burning? What is your true passion? If money were no object, would you still be doing the job you are, or would you be letting your soul loose on something more creative.

Society often likes us to fit in to a box but your soul is telling you to get out of the box and not to colour in the lines. Be bold, be brave and even maybe enrol on a class, this might not be to further your career, but this is about you cutting loose and dancing to the beat of your own drum!

Music is showing very prominent here, dig out your old records from your younger days, play them loud as you dance around the room and feel the old memories and emotions come flooding back. You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing. Let the music lead you and dance to the rhythm of your soul.

page of wands web5: Page of wands.

A lot of pent up energy and restlessness coming through with this card, your soul is saying turn this restlessness in to readiness! When our soul is being starved of its nourishment this can manifest as restlessness, it is meant to be free not kept suppressed. Dance and movement are showing here, really letting your hair down and dancing to the song of life.

When we dance we raise our vibration, the energy blockages we can form are released and our chi (energy) starts to flow, which intern gives us a feeling of freedom and boosts not only our energy but our lust for life. You have an enthusiasm around you at the moment and its time to try something new.

You are a free spirit and need to remember that, don’t allow your wings to be clipped. Seek out an adventure, read books that inspire you, watch inspirational films that will fuel your inner fire and be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone. There is a whole wide world of wonder waiting for you to just dive right in, its time to dance in the direction of your dreams!

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