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Free Tarot Love Reading with Michele

Each of us has a whole host of unconditional love within us. However, how often do we use this wealth of love for ourselves? Our heart is intelligent, intuitive and an essential healing resource. When times get tough, our heart holds the answer, but are we listening?

Love comes in many forms, and it’s our personal relationships that give us the most significant opportunity to evolve and grow. Sure, love can poke our buttons and create a host of insecurity monsters who slither out of our unconscious, creating mischief and mayhem! Yet love is as essential as food and water and is our essence. Lets put our rose quartz spectacles on and check in with what our heart is whispering to us.

Focus on the four cards and choose one that calls to you and might have a psychic message for you. Once you have chosen and read your Tarot choice take some time to look at the picture, soak up the rays of love, and see if another message comes to you.

Tarot Card One – The Two of Cups

The Two of Cups indicates that you have love around you. A soul connection is in front of you, in the form of a friend or lover. If you haven’t met them yet, keep your eyes peeled. When you mix with people, pay attention to how your body and heart respond to them. You have a divine KNOWING if they are the right energy for you.

A soul connection could be helping you by greeting your spirit and understanding what makes you tick, as you are both on the same wavelength.

If you have given your power away in the past, the Two of Cups encourages you to seek a love/lover that offers an equal exchange of energy. Friendships and unions are blossoming. If you are in a relationship, your soul connection deepens.

Tarot Card Two – The Five of Pentacles

Gosh, you have had a hard time. Perhaps you are going through a period where you don’t feel supported? Maybe you feel left out in the cold or are experiencing ’emotional poverty’? The Five of Pentacles assures you that sanctuary is here. Look around for the warmth and emotional shelter you need.

Try not to let wounds from the past disempower you. If you feel triggered by intense emotions, make sure that you find a way to separate the past from the present.

It’s time to trust that with a little self-love your heart can lead you out of the cold, and help you heal. If there are toxic people around you, seek help in stepping away. If you are feeling lonely or isolated, overwhelmed, or unsupported, this card offers strength for change. Having said that it requires you to transform patterns and seek out the support you deserve. You got this!

Tarot Card Three – The Ace of Swords

Your heart is yearning for you to take up the sword of truth. It’s time to cut away the BS and say what you are feeling. Your mind is joining forces with your soul, giving you the power to express yourself. Perhaps there is a relationship in your life, and you want to draw the line to create healthy boundaries? You are finding the words to be very clear about what you feel and what is and is not acceptable.

When we are overwhelmed with feelings and vulnerability, it can be hard to express ourselves. Emotions can become defensive, angry, needy etc and our wounds can hijack our rational mind creating further turmoil.

The Ace of Sword penetrates to the core of the situation and allows a certain sense of detachment to say what needs to be said. Relationships can then move on with clarity and integrity. Oh, and there might even be a little financial windfall coming your way!

Tarot Card Four – The Lovers

Yay! You chose The Lovers card! If we are talking about love and this pops up, it’s a good omen! Your passion has fresh sizzle. Your heart Chakra is clear and sending out a calling signal to invite all the right energy your way. Love in all forms is swimming your way.

In a good relationship? Love is becoming stronger. Single? Love is approaching from an unlikely source or rekindled with a new dimension. Not into relationships? A passion, creative idea or friendship expands and grows.

How is your sensuality at the moment? Indulge in all pleasures and open your arms to the possibility of a deeper cycle of love. Fall in love with you, with your life and your potential. Boom!

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