FREE Tarot Reading – Your Immediate Future

Free Tarot card reading with Alesso – Immediate future.

As intuitive beings, our solar plexus chakra is where we experience our ‘inner knowing’. It is an energy source that gives us the feeling that we sense something in our lives is shifting or about to dramatically change – our ‘gut instinct’.

Recently I have been on a meditation journey with my tarot and felt inspired to share with you the insights I have been given. Please find your reading below. Focus on the four Tarot cards and feel with your solar plexus which one you are drawn to  ❤

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1) The Emperor

The Emperor has a strong message for you today. Your energy has been out of sync and that’s why you have experienced so much physical exhaustion! You are having troubles around your career and having difficulty knowing how to navigate your way through this very physical block.

You may have found yourself having to accept a work situation that was completely out of your control and you now realise the universe is pushing you to have to consider a dramatic shift in your personal security.

Why so much fear? This is a relief. Spirit are showing crossed lines between your recent past and where you are now, expect to have dealings with someone from your past who can help you with opportunities coming up in the next few weeks.

2) Ten of Swords

I can see a poignant refusal of your life situation at the moment. If you pay attention to your solar plexus, you’ll feel a constant inner struggle.
Take time to sit with what you feel, turn the resistance into acceptance and surrender. There has been one thing after another recently and you can’t seem to catch a break.

The important message here is to allow this process to run its course. You are treating the present moment like an obstacle to be overcome which feels like you’re living in a battlefield.

Lost control? Time to consult the inner warrior. This card shows you are an audience member in life – always watching and curious. Now it’s time to get on stage and run the show. You have a decision to make about a particular person in your life, choose with your heart.

3) Justice

Justice! What a beautiful card. Justice shows her true colours and appears straight-laced but actually comes from a place of fairness and equality.
I’m sensing your judgement toward a particular situation may need further investigation.
You will have made a decision regarding this by the end of the month.

The energy around you at this point in time seems to be heavily reliant on an outcome, and also on other people.
Victory is on your line so release some of that power and understand you have a network of people who can give you a different perspective as you go along your journey.

Also, be mindful of staying assertive over the coming week! There is an energy of being thrown in at the deep end and having to scrabble to stay afloat. Centre and ground yourself before you proceed.
You are not protecting yourself against external energy, visualize a bouncing shield around yourself in order to deflect any uneasy vibes you may pick up from others.

4) Ten of Cups

Hooray! It is time for an awakening. I’m sensing you are searching for purpose, to find the meaning in everything. Understand that the universe is a vast energetic field which you can tap into.

There appears to have been a cleansing between you and another, where things left unsaid have finally been put on the table and dealt with.
You don’t always let others know where they stand with you because you are so self-protective. So as a consequence you end up feeling rejected if there is a lack of attention and nurturing – let go of this separatist mindset, we all experience the same emotional cycles so it’s a message of recognising yourself in others so you can hear the voice of your own compassion.

There is a crossing of water on your line here which is understandable since you tend to get itchy feet and want to explore the world. Right now you are being encouraged to stay firmly rooted on your path, to keep your eye on what you have around you.
Don’t always assume that if you were in a different location with a different lifestyle that everything would automatically be ideal.
Focus on shifting closer to your current life situation and you will find you already have love and magic at your disposal.

Happy summer when it comes! X

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