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We all have guides that have our back. Whether you see these as spirit guides, Angels, your inner guru, or Goddess within. We can connect to a more profound wisdom if we tune into the signs and symbols that often pass us by. Nestled between my Victorian set of Saints are three cards, do you feel that one has a message for you?

Much love Michele x

Scroll down and read your Tarot Card.

Tarot Card One – The Chariot

Hang onto your trilby! Life is about to get super fast. There’s an energy shift coming your way, and it’s essential you prime yourself, are ready and confident about the outcome. When the Chariot gallops into your life, a burst of movement is going to catapult you forward. The Chariot is reminding you that even when life appears out of control, there is usually more going on than meets the eye.

Use the power of your mind, your willpower and inner sorceress to flow into the slipstream. If you look at the card, there are no reins attached to the Sphinx, that is because the rider becomes one with the dark and the light, they have a magic wand in one hand and an energetic rein in the other. Where you focus your energy, that is the direction you will go.

Whenever I’ve encountered this card things have taken off like a rocket. Don’t be overwhelmed by the speed but trust the destination. Balance, let go of your fears and accept that we all have dark and light. Your journey is about to get very interesting indeed.


Tarot Card Two – The Six Of Wands

Yay! Victory! Some well-earned recognition is coming your way. Perhaps you have been working hard to achieve a dream and part, or all of that dream is about to become a reality. Or maybe you have overcome a personal or soul battle within yourself. The Six of Wands tells you that rewards are imminent. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. It’s just the Universes way of saying ‘well done’, you got this.

There are people around you now who will cheer you on and believe in your talents. Don’t let the success go to your head though! The victory you are celebrating is just part of a longer soul journey and is the fuel you need to elevate your energy for the next chapter.

Tarot Card Three – 5 of Cups

What I love about this card is that the meaning is so obvious! The Six of Wands is saying don’t cry over spilt milk, and all is not lost. I used to get this card a lot in my teens as I was very emotional about disappointments. I soon learned that often when we feel a situation is a loss or disaster, there is something more for us. While the cloaked figure cries over the spilt cups, they don’t realise that there are two full cups behind them. Even if you have had cause to lose your faith makes sure you bolster the belief you have in yourself. It’s time to believe you deserve and can receive good things.

Are you upset about a situation you can’t control as it’s already happened? Do you feel that you have lost something or are grieving the past? Symbolically the prosecco may have leaked, but there are two jugs of champagne right behind you! Whatever situation feels disappointing there is abundance on the horizon, SEE IT, GRAB IT, EMBRACE IT! All is clearly not lost.

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