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Hello Beautiful Soul,

Love is tender, Love is kind, Love is honest. How are you experiencing love right now? What is your heart trying to tell you? Sometimes Self Love means we have to awaken our warrior wild spirit and kick our ass to do what we need to do. Compassion with fierce integrity. Is there a message of Love behind one of these three Tarot cards. Allow your intuition to choose the right card for you.

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Lots of love

Michele x

Tarot Card One – The Wheel Of Fortune (far left)

There are deeper forces at work than you realise! Your soul has a plan that is about to be made manifest! Some things, in this mysterious life, are meant to be. You’re either in that ‘fated’ moment or about to bump into it. Your heart is going to receive a message from the Universe. Yay! A positive change is coming as the cycle of life turns in your favour.

Understanding the cycles on our soul’s journey is essential for growth. Yesterday I was rereading my childhood and early journals and was astonished to discover that I am replaying some old, outmoded patterns, in some cases word for word!

Seeing that has liberated me and given me the clarity to shift. What patterns are you repeating? How can you step off the wheel of repeat experiences? You have the power! Unleash your wild free banshee, create unique magic in the moment. Your heart says don’t be a victim of the past. You are strong, and you are eternal, you can shape your destiny and fate.

Tarot Card Two – The Star (middle one)

Hot Kitty! You chose one of the most fabulous cards in the entire Tarot deck! Your heart has probably been dragged kicking and screaming through drama and hardship. Has this been a recent experience or a past wound that has been holding you back? The Universe is sending you a big dose of healing. It’s time to trust in your creative spirit. Inspiration, hope, and other inventive peeps are coming your way. You can find meaning from the past but also able to let it go and follow your souls calling.

The Star tells you that is a dazzlingly inspirational time. Bask in the healing, unconditional love and wonder that is unleashed in your heart and spirit. Now is the perfect time to weave your reality, to cast out your desires and to embrace your ideas.

Tarot Card Three – The Ace of Swords (far right)

GROWWWWL! Your warrior within is awakening. You have chosen the sword of truth, the Ace of Swords. Your heart is ready to slash away the BS, and you will not tolerate lying to yourself, or dishonesty from others. You have the strength to follow your truth and to fiercely honour and love yourself. It may be that your abundance is about to increase as you stand for what you believe in.

You are also ready to battle for what is right. You can communicate boldly and with precision. If you look within, you see what you need to cut out of your life. The Swords may cut down a negative pattern, chop the ties of a bad relationship or addiction to someone. Your words are extraordinarily powerful right now so use them wisely.

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