Free Tarot Card Reading – A message of love

Greetings Beautiful! Here is your free Tarot reading. Focus on the three Tarot cards. Is there a message about love for you? We all deserve unconditional love, especially from our guides. Love can be complex and vulnerable and yet small changes in our energy can transform our experience. If you feel one of the three tarot cards has a message for you, scroll down and let me know what you think.

Much love


Tarot Card One – The Chariot

The Chariot indicates that your emotions may be taking off. Have you been feeling out of control or that your life is rapidly changing? If not, hang onto your trilby, your experiences are about to shift gears. The Chariot tells you the importance of balance and the value of making time for love. How is your relationship with yourself these days? Do you believe you are lovable and worthy of love? Is your love life wildly veering left and right, or as static as the Sphinx? The Chariot informs you that you got this, you have far more control than you realise, after all, the charioteer shown, controls the Sphinx with his mind!

Remember, conquering your fears will lead to a dash forwards, and you can successfully and harmoniously achieve this by accepting all of the different parts of you. Know that you can guide your life, be loved and charge into the direction of your dreams. For some of you, this is already happening, so just enjoy the ride. Trust that your soul has a very accurate GPS, but only if you listen to it, far better than google maps! Receive and follow directions from your heart.

Tarot Card Two – The Two Of Cups

I adore this card! Hooray! You received the beautiful Two Of Cups! You have met or about to meet a soul lover or friend. A stunning partnership is nurturing you. If you’ve been having problems or feeling isolated or lonely, the Two Of Cups is urging you to look around you, to integrate, and reach out.

Our energy is like a magnet. When the Two of Cups pops up, you are drawing the love you need. It’s possible that someone you have a past life connection with is about to appear, or that you feel that you have met your ‘twin flame’. Partnerships in all forms are fabulous right now.

It is so liberating when you mix with like-minded souls who get you. Nourish the relationships that support you. Friendships, love affairs and positive collaborations should go well. You KNOW in your heart who resonates with you and who doesn’t, listen to your inner wise woman and follow the signs towards love in all it’s rich and many forms.

Tarot Card Three – The Lovers

Yay! You chose The Lovers card. The Lovers is multi-dimensional, it doesn’t just reflect romantic love. Take a wee look at the card, what do you see? What jumps out at you? It’s very revealing where we choose to put our focus, as were we put our focus creates our experience.

Do you see the immense Angel with open arms standing over the couple and looking out for them? Or the warm rays of the sun shining down (the Sun card is all about happiness). Do you notice both people are looking at the Angel? Or are your eyes drawn to the snake?

How has your love life been so far? Do you feel protected or has the little snake on the left got involved? This card is steeped in symbolism and assures us that the choices we make are important and have consequences (Adam and Eve etc.) You are more surrounded by love than you could possibly know, turn your focus to the positive forces around you and shun the pesky snakes!

The Good news is that by receiving The Lovers card, there’s a promise of renewed passion. Passion can take many forms. You might find yourself falling in love, or perhaps you fall in love with your partner all over again. You could even fall in love with a project that makes your heart sing. Enjoy it, trust it and share it!

4 thoughts on “Free Tarot Card Reading – A message of love

  1. I picked 2. Although i am not looking right now but what the heck who knows what the future will bring. Thank you.

  2. Yes, lots of big changes happening for me. It makes me wonder how to find the time for personal balance. I’m open to all that comes. Thanks. Card #1

  3. I love this reading as well. It might sound weird to people but I honestly find the information I get from Michelle’s site…. absolutely incredible. I have absolutely no reason to…. lie about this. I would highly recommend her sites to anyone I felt could really use “privately communicated guidance” and “positive suggestions” that greatly minimize and clear out mental negativity. This is what the information on her site contributes to me.

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