FREE Psychic Tarot Reading – What’s next?

Free Psychic Tarot Reading – What is happening next?

I love the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. The Wild Unknown have very unique imagery that inspires psychic answers. Pick one of the four tarot cards and before you read my answer, allow the Tarot card to reveal it’s meaning to you. Take a minute and let the answer flow through you! Take a moment to look and feel the four tarot cards and choose one that you are drawn to.

Let me know what happens! Oh, and please share if you love it, I am so thankful for your support.

Much love

Michele xx

Tarot Card One – The Daughter of Cups

Wow! You’re going through a very powerful emotional rebirth. You have come full circle. There has been hurt, wounds and troubled experiences and yet you have managed to see the meaning in it all.

Finally, you are trusting your sensitive soul and opening to the positive. You are seeing the world with fresh eyes. Take in the beauty around you, nurture your gorgeous, innocent soul. Trust your blossoming psychic ability.

There is a psychic awakening happening as you connect deeply with the Cosmos and those around you. It’s essential that you bond with other pure-hearted souls. Embrace your spiritual journey.

Carry a little piece of rose quartz around with you to remind yourself to feel the unconditional love that surrounds you.

Tarot card two – The Fool

Like the little chick in the Wild Unknown Tarot card, you are about to take flight. Sure, it can be scary to take that leap of faith but just imagine the wind beneath your wings! You are about to soar towards new realities.

Can you feel your soul calling you to adventure? You know that there is more to see and feel than the limited world you are currently experiencing. Watch out for signposts from the Universe. You are being infinitely guided towards the direction of your dreams.

Being impulsive and spontaneous will liberate you! (Of course don’t be reckless though!)

Tarot Card Three – The Hierophant

You are entering a learning phase. There is a need for structure in your life and you are ready to receive it. You might be studying or changing career. There may some help coming to you from the council, law or any hierarchy.

It may be that you have to deal with the immediate situation in a very grown-up way :) ! You are maturing and coming into your intellectual power. To succeed it is necessary to play by the rules. Remember -Noone has the key to your freedom but you

Tarot Card Four – The Magician

This cat is one confident Goddess, or should I say, Leopard? You have reached a stage of power to transform your life. You have magic in your soul and a strong spirit. FEEL the energy surging through you. What are you going to conjure?

Your thoughts are spells, you words strong messengers to the cosmos. What are you putting out there? What are your beliefs about your future? KNOW that you can make the changes you need and you can draw your desires towards you. This is not about controlling others, it’s about knowing that what is for you, will not pass you by.

You may think you know what you want but TRUST that the Universe can bring you something even better. We are limited by our imagination, the Universe has several fabulous tricks up their sleeve.

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