FREE Psychic Reading – The Universe

Free Psychic Reading – Message from the Universe

Focus on the 5 pictures and use your psychic intuition to feel which number has a message for you. Then scroll down and read the powerful word and question in the image. Once you have read your psychic message immediately write down the answer to the question, allow yourself not to judge but let your thoughts flow.

Sometimes we don’t see what is staring us in the face; this is the perfect psychic exercise to release blocks and open your awareness to simple changes that can make a huge difference. Once you have answered the question scroll down and read the added wisdom!

Moon Picture 1/

Psychic – We are all born with psychic abilities. When we are children we are very ‘in tune’ but the older we get, and the more our ego develops our psychic skills tend to diminish, this doesn’t mean that they go away, they are always there, and we just need to reacquaint with them. You are a great psychic, and the ability is already in you.

This is the universe’s way of letting you know that you are never alone, and once you begin to tune into to your true potential you find that you have a well of unlimited knowledge at your disposal. At first this awakening can be quite scary and you may try and block it, but once you accept it as your friend and ally you can learn ways in which to work with it to enhance your life massively!

When you are able to tap into your intuition, to sit in stillness and allow your soul to speak to you, you then learn to trust your feelings or hunches and allow them to guide you throughout your life. Its almost like you have a magical sat nav that you can tune in to whenever you need guidance and you can also have a lot of fun with it.  Whatever your level of psychic ability it is now red hot.

The universe has guidance for you at this time, so listen to that little voice inside of you and watch your life transform.


Moon picture 2/

Wild – All to often when the word wild is mentioned we are instantly broached by an almost feral like disheveled image of something that is out of control, think Stig of the dump! But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Welcome to your wild side!

When you unleash your wild side you will experience an exceptional transformation which allows you to stand fully in your magnificence and it also instills a strong sense of direction.

Time to break free from any restrictions that have held you back and awaken the warrior goddess within. Your sense of expression is heightened, your creativity and passions burst forth and your world becomes more colourful, magical and most importantly fun.

Obstacles dissolve before your eyes; you are able to overcome adversities with ease and recognise how strong you actually are.

When you embrace your wild side you can find your pack, you stand tall in certainty and establish your territory and defend your boundaries fiercely; you can know your worth and protect it with unwavering valour and commitment.

Another gift that comes from taking a walk on the wild side is we gain a deeper level of understanding and wisdom, our roots become strong and the fire within us ignites our being, we discover parts of ourselves that once lay dormant, repressed aspects of our psyche that have been screaming to be let loose and we become the incredible creature we were born to be.

If you picked this image, you are being urged to break free, to journey into the wild and connect with your divine feminine body, mind and spirit.

Moon Picture 3/

Fearless – Fear is a highly negative emotion, it restricts us and hold us back, it keeps us locked in a self imposed prison and stops us from achieving or even recognising our true potential. When we become fearless, restrictions fall away, rejection, failure and pain of the unknown disappear from our world and instead we open the doorway to unlimited possibilities and possibilities. Our confidence levels soar, we embrace change and challenges and our power becomes our life force.

This card tells you to boldly step out and shout out to the world “Show me what you got!” Become more truthful, speak Your mind without censorship, confidently express Your wants and needs and open up to a world of yes’s.

Cease to play small, laugh at self limiting beliefs and gracefully walk away from anything that is toxic or doesn’t serve you. Your warrior spirit kicks in and it kicks ass!

Understand that you were born to stand out and not fit in, become bold and brave and live life according to your heart. Honour yourself.

If you picked this image, you are being urged to step out of your comfort zone, to allow fear to slip away and to embrace the chances you would have one time been afraid to take, when you know you cannot fail the sky is your limit.


Moon Picture 4/

Travel – Travel broadens our horizons, whether this be actual travel or the journey within ourselves. When we travel we experience things that are not familiar, we step out of our comfort zones which in turn delivers us so many new experiences and this is the wonderful gift of journeying.

The destination becomes unimportant and its what we learn on the way that holds the magic. Travelling offers illumination, transformation and growth, whether this be an external or internal path.

Your awareness is about to change, you see things in a different way and  meet other interesting souls on your path, you are opening up to a new way of looking at the world, a new way of relating and this can enhance your hopes dreams and desires.

If you were drawn to this card you are being called to leave the comfortable behind, to step out into the unknown and to see where you are being led, a whole new world awaits you, just remember to travel light.


Moon Picture 5/

Mystic – A mystic’s beliefs transcend ordinary understanding, they are connected to a higher source which allows then a glimpse in to the mysteries to the universe and open them up to endless possibilities. When we follow a mystical path our consciousness and our experiences go way beyond normality.

You are becoming the mystic. Its almost as if you are given 3D glasses to the world and when you put them on you are made aware of so many things that are around you that we could not see or feel before.

By tapping into your spiritual power, practicing ancient techniques and rituals you can open up new dimensions and in turn can use this gift to help and heal others.

Mystics trust in the universal plan, they realise everything and everyone is connected, and any experiences we have are all part of a bigger plan, this allows them to trust in the process and take things in their stride, with the belief that everything is happening for our higher good.

If you were drawn to this image then you are called to look at the bigger picture, look beyond what is happening and allow things to unfold as they are, relinquish control and have a deep knowing that anything that is happening at the moment is working FOR you not TO you. The universe has your back!

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