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The beginning of a new year is a transformative time as it gives us a vision of where we hope to be in the near future. Love is a powerful force but it comes in more ways than one so doesn’t have to be completely centred around romance.
Take a moment to reflect on last year and choose one of the following numbers below. Wishing you a magical 2018 filled with joy and peace ❤

1) The Star.

Deep and meaningful romantic relationships are a wonderful thing to be a part of and this type of union is culturally celebrated in every way possible. However, this card represents healing and loving yourself in a way that feels right for you. If you are not with anyone then deciding to have a commitment to yourself gives you space and opportunity to give more time to your career, growth and family relationships.
Being partnered isn’t the only way to have a rich experience while journeying on this earth plane. Realise that this year can be fulfilling, exciting and full of love even if you are single. Remember, being in a relationship with yourself can be liberating and empowering – the more energy you put into self love you will have a stronger sense of who you are on a deep soul level. Go on a date with yourself and you might find you are right where you need to be. Trust divine timing.
2) The Tower.
You need to begin by trusting a little more this year. Too often you are ready to jump the gun and expect that you will ultimately be hurt or betrayed. Perhaps you are in a relationship but there is an undercurrent of uncomfortable feelings just waiting to be fed by negative thought patterns.
Relax! There is a strong sense you may have given one too many chances to another person and it’s a waiting game until you feel it’s going to be yet another cycle of forgiveness and trying to rebuild what is broken.
Let this year become a new area of observance. Rather than allowing negative emotions to rise up within you, confront insecurities head-on and save yourself the time and torture of wondering ‘what if’.
Focus more on identifying cycles and patterns that can be managed in a new way rather than the situations at hand!  This card asks you to keep your compassion and let go of what has already taken place.
3) Seven of Pentacles.
What a great time to change your perspective. It appears here that you have spent the last six months so focused on practical responsibilities that you have neglected yourself and others!
A lack of money and issues surrounding our line of work can be so consuming that there is very little time or energy left for relationships. The good news is, the next six weeks seems to offer more of a harmonious balance which gives you a chance to breathe and properly catch up with those you haven’t been able to get proper quality time with – life is not about concrete matters only; connect with new people this year and expand your social life!
If you’re looking for love, keep an eye out for someone in the creative industry.
4) Three of Swords. 
The festive period is difficult for a lot of people due to loved ones longer no with us and reflecting on the hurt we may have faced throughout the year. You feel too stuck; not able to go back but lacking the faith to move forward – this can be a blessing!
This card asks you to remove the dagger in your heart and get your fight back. The twists and turns of life will sometimes put us into a dark corner but our reactions to that are where true power lies.
Spend time looking through old photos, let the fear of the unknown be! Cherish the memories of the good and bad times and use this to fuel the fire within you so by the time we get to next Christmas you will feel more powerful and supported by the future you took the personal responsibility to create.
If you chose this card, you may have to take a look at where you will be living this year – your unsettled energy could have a hidden clue that you are about to shift to a new environment and have a completely fresh start.
Take the darkness and use it as a motivator. You are loved.

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