Your Free Love Tarot Reading – Pick One Of The Four Tarot Cards with Michele Knight

Your Free Love Tarot Reading – Pick One Of The Four Tarot Cards with Michele Knight

Hello Fabulous One,

Let’s look at love today, and see if there’s a message for you. Focus on the four Tarot cards and use your own psychic ability to sense if there is a card for you.

When you look at the four cards is there one that feels different? If so scroll down for your answer.

Tarot Card One – The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is turning. A meaningful event is coming your way, and it might shift your understanding of what love is, or where love is going. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that anything is possible and nothing ever remains the same. We are constantly changing and our relationships evolving.

If we try to remain stuck in the same patterns it wastes time and energy. Even the closest relationships shift and transform. Your relationship with your lover or best friend was different yesterday to how it is today and will be changed again tomorrow, and in the next moment.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us to go with the flow. A relationship can be terrible and then heal. The most wonderful relationships can go through a bad patch. The wheel is always turning and it’s up to us to grow and transform along with it. We can be single for ten years and suddenly fall in love. Life and love are in perpetual motion.

The Wheel of Fortune is telling you a big shift is coming. Look out for important meetings, for messages, and a soul meant event. A ‘meant to be’ experience is coming.

Tarot Card Two – The King of Cups

The King of Cups is appearing today in all their watery glory. The King of Cups could be a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio, but whatever sign they are,they are very heartfelt and have a deep sense of empathy.

Warm and kind, the King of Cups is deep and can be super sensitive. When communicating with this King, it’s important to be caring and emotionally authentic. On the shadow side, you might find that they sometimes avoid telling the truth or charm you to whitewash the facts.

If this card represents you, you’ve become much more balanced recently and are feeling emotionally secure and confident. You are learning to express yourself and know the value of your feelings. Finally, you are learning to be compassionate with yourself as well as others, which has a miraculous effect on all your relationships.

The King of Wands

Fire! Passionate and intense, the King of Wands is all about action, movement, and friskiness. Water Kings need stimulation and adventure and are easily bored. What you see is what you get with these fiery creatures. Traditionally they are Aries, Leo or Sag and have a raw and rugged vibe.

Usually, the King of Wands is a leader who is charismatic and inspirational. However, if they are insecure or not in touch with their past, or power, they have the tendency of being a bit of a bully or have a quick temper. Never let them overstep your boundaries.

Passion is coming into your life, channel it, embrace it, and feel your own empowerment rising!

The Magician

Yay! It’s a brand new love cycle. Whatever your love life has been like, you now have the magic to create a brand new reality. You’ve learned your lesson, you’ve been through it all, and here you are! You have all the tools in front of you to manifest what you desire.

Of course, you have to KNOW that you have this ability, or you become the Magician‘s apprentice and create mayhem! You also need to understand the old saying ‘be careful what you ask for’ and conjure your love reality wisely. It’s time to KNOW that you are not only worthy of love but ready for love. You are going through a love revolution.

If you are in a relationship you can begin again but this time you’re more conscious of your part of what you are creating together. If you’re single this is your chance to break a pattern and embrace a different way of loving. Don’t forget to caste some of the love magic towards YOU and your relationship with yourself.




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