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Sometimes we get stuck in love, feeling it for ourselves, giving it to other people and also receiving it. Seeing as how February is the social month for love (depending on your views), I thought I would bring you an intuitive oracle around how you can leap forward in and with love.

Focus on the images below. Choose the one that you are drawn to, and see what message it holds for you.

Sending love to you all 💙.

1/Mix it up

Creativity is actually a similar vibration to love because it is a flow of energy stemming from passion. When we are passionate and flowing, we often tend to see things in a different way and also see other opportunities around us that we may not have before.

This can be relevant to shaking up your relationship, what dates do you go on? what sensual experiences do you venture in? Or even what small habits day to day do you just fall into? Routines can be resonant to having a balanced relationship and life, but it can also sometimes become reductive particularly in relationships as we are all here to experience, evolve and expand.

This is also relevant to self-love and the self-power we feel provoking passion. For example, are you being kind to yourself? Are you adding pleasures in any form to your day? Are you letting yourself be in your stride? Again, sometimes we can get stuck in a certain routine or mental pattern that takes us away from fueling our own passion.

I thought I would also pull a tarot card for you to give further clarity and inspiration.

The king of swords – Don’t be defensive, be dynamic, and allow yourself to see things clearly, but also allow other people to be their authentic self and observe their flow without preempt. When we take inspiration from “what is” as oppose to what our ideology is around people and situations we can invoke change.

2/ Options create opportunities baby

Sometimes when we are feeling flat or fixated on a certain person, or past experience, we can become so focused on that and as a result stagnate ourselves Or draw that type of experience towards us again. This isn’t actually helpful, as often these experiences have been negative, or taken us away from feeling ourselves.  However because this has been our familiar pattern, we tend to flow with this. Don’t fixate on what you’re used to. Fan out and bring in what you desire and need for yourself.

Whilst this can be challenging, and leads you into unfamiliar territory, once you attract the nurturing love you really deserve it will be worth it. You can also see this as a lesson learned or obstacle that you have overcome. Happy days!

When we take these steps we change our energy and ultimately reshape the journey, and that really is what life is about- experiencing and evolving. In my life I’ve found that when we put ourselves out of our comfort zone in new places and with new/different people we actually transform without realising and see things or people differently, this is life and the universe flowing at it most natural and when we follow suit of this we naturally grow.

I thought I would also pull a tarot card for you to further clarify.

The Hierophant – wise up to mix it up, this is saying to you that actually there is more to your situation and life if you allow yourself to seek it. This is the card of higher learning, expansive of mind and sensuality, look at these areas and relate it to your love life to leap forward now.

3/ Speak and solidify to set the foundation.

When we just flow with love connections and relationships, we can sometimes lose sight of the need to solidify commitments ,and embrace significant milestones that lead into the future. This can often cause love problems because the other person (and yourself) can lose sight of, “what is”, and, “what can be”. When we lose sight of this, angst and doubts can creep in and can cause sabotage. The key to this is communication in how you think about what you need from the relationship yourself to yourself and speak about this lovingly and calmly with the significant person around you to get you both on the same page.

This can also be relevant if you are single, as sometimes it’s beneficial to step back, look at where you are and where you want to go next.

Are you committed to self-love? Are you committed to bringing new love into your life? Or are you just happy solidifying to yourself and the world that you are happily single? For in committing to loving yourself, you are saying you are lovable, know what you want and need, and worthy of only the best treatment in love.

I thought I would also pull a tarot card for you to give further clarity and inspiration.

Justice – nice! This is saying to you a more open and liberating time is ahead that will free you to move forward. Justice is representative of meeting in the middle of being on the same page, to achieve this is actual about open communication usually so look at doing this with yourself and others to leap forward.

4/ Embrace the now to emerge into the next

This is about just turning down the volume on the chaos around you, tuning into your emotional feelings in your inner self and the flow of things with your relationship. How are you feeling inside? How do you feel in your relationship? Are you happy, fulfilled and is it actually flowing? For example, sometimes when we are living our day to day lives, we forget to connect with ourselves. Sometimes we can forget to live in the moment. This can impact others in our lives.

We can also become overly focused on the future, and this can F-Up the present because we haven’t got the foundation, or the flow of energy that we need for the next. Moments are actually all we have, and they have so much meaning because they merge into the next one.

Step back into yourself, and stimulate your emotional and sensual side now. So, direct this energy into your focus to formulate the connection that you have or the connection you want to have.

I thought I would also pull a tarot card for you to give further clarity and inspiration.

The queen of pentacles 

This is all about grounding and reconnecting with your authentic self but also embracing the simpler stimulants and pleasures in life. Strip back the layers of self and go back to basics in life to feel the real you and the real when it comes to connections you have now



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