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Focus on the three tarot cards and feel which number may have a message for you. Scroll below for your Tarot message.

Tarot card one

The star tarot card meaning

The Star

Happy days! A great emotional tonic is coming. You may have been through an intense emotional time. If you’ve felt drained, uninspired and a bit lost then the Star talks to you of hope. A creative boost is on the way. It’s the sunshine after the storm.

Your creative juices are flowing and a sense of calm and balance returns. Be prepared for brilliance to tumble out of you. Look out for flashes of intuition that show you how to step into your power. This can be an indicator that your energy is opening to the next stage of your development and you have renewed faith in your life path. Optimism, balance and inspiration.

Tarot Card Two

Tarot card meaning 10 of cups

The Ten Of Cups

Happiness is on the way! I love this card. It symbolises a peak emotional experience; one of those times in life where we can enjoy a moment of union with a lover, friends or family. Family problems ease and a coming together of love. Romantic relationships can blossom but it talks about the importance of having shared values or at the very least respecting each others boundaries and beliefs. There may be a move or change of circumstance around your home which are cause for celebration.

Tarot Card Three

tarot card meaning 8 of cups

8 Of Cups

Time to find the missing piece. This card is not about walking away from something bad necessarily but rather it’s the story of a brave soul who seeks what is missing. You may have many things in your life which are fabulous but your heart knows there is another quest waiting for you. Having succeeded in some ways, your soul is craving the next challenge. You’re at a point of strength and confidence. If there is a situation in your life which is not quite right, you have reached a time where you’re ready to let go to hunt for what you truly desire. One word of caution – make sure you are not leaving behind what you love just to continue to achieve for achievements sake. Inner peace comes from within not from superficial success.

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