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My wonderful pal and online psychic Tanya bought me this gorgeous set of Tarot cards. The deck is called The Stretch Tarot. I’m very drawn to these cards and would love to share them with you. Have a look at the back of these 4 cards and see if one jumps out at you. This reading is to help you enhance your freedom. Sometimes in life we can chain ourselves to circumstance or emotions. We can get lost in a pattern or situation and loose ourselves. The message in this card may be a situation which is coming in, which will change your journey and bring in some soul freedom. Or the message of the card you choose may be a key piece of wisdom to help you unlock a situation that is holding you back! Take three deep breaths and tune into your own psychic intuition to help you see the card you need.


Card 1

Tarot card 3 cupsThe 3 of cups

The 3 of cups is a card with beautiful energy. In this version we see 3 children laughing together. Have you been seeing your mates enough? Are you hanging out with the right people that make you feel fabulous about yourself? If meeting your pals is not like a weekly meeting of the Ya Ya sisterhood, perhaps it is time to expand your social circle? Friendships are the wind beneath our wings. An old connection may get in touch and remind you how to play and have fun. Connecting with your ‘tribe’, your sisters, your trusted inner circle is essential. I recently bought a card for someone which said “A friend is someone who knows everything about you and loves you anyway’ and this is the true essence of friendship. The unconditional love of our friends cures many ills and gives us the freedom to experience childlike joy. Go hangout!

ya ya sisterhood tarot card

Card 2

the high priestess Tarot cardThe High Priestess

The High Priestess is telling you that you already know the answer. Deep within – you know what to do, and let’s be honest, have probably known for some time. Your inner Priestess is calling on you to honour your soul. You have huge wisdom and psychic intuition. You’re probably giving other people great advice while ignoring your own teachings and being a wise guide for all around you. The time has come to listen, what is your inner voice telling you to do? Listen to your intuition, it is your treasure! Follow the calling of your soul. Take care of yourself as you would another.

The high Priestess tarot card

Card 3

photo interactive image 6The 2 Of Cups

There are no words for how much I adore this translation of the 2 of cups. It is very difficult to capture the 2 of cups. It’s about union, a meeting of souls. The two of cups can be lovers, friends or twin souls. It is also the card of a healthy loving relationship or the beginning of a great love. I adore the fact that this card seems to cover all sexes and sexuality in one card including non binary. This is a particularly difficult task, although I have to say the Rider Waite deck does this quite well. The message of this card is that love comes in many forms. All of us have a soul connection to someone, somewhere. We are linked and are not alone, even if we feel as if we are sometimes. New love or friendship may bring you the freedom you desire. As this card illustrates, freedom is being able to express all sides of ourselves and to value that we are complex beings. A union of some kind may be coming your way. It’s an exciting message of love.

the 2 of cups tarot

Card 4

Justice Tarot Card meaningJustice

Justice is an interesting card. I’ve learned over the years that what we see as Justice or injustice can be very subjective! We all view situations differently. We can sometimes feel an injustice has been done and we’ve totally got the wrong end of the stick. We can make assumptions and then dislike someone or feel insulted when actually that person means no harm or the other person views the experience in a totally different way. This card is not a card of petty injustice but the card of Universal Justice where divine karma may intervene. It’s also the card of contracts, legal issues and doing the right thing. If there is something in your life that you feel requires Justice to free you, then this card implies that Justice will be done. Sometimes we have to find the love in our heart to move on and hand over our sense of injustice to a higher power. I have also learned along the way that sometimes Justice is not done, or not done in the moment, but catches up in the end. Be fair, be honest and know that some kind of resolution is on the way, and Justice finds a way.

the justice tarot card meaning

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