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Hello Beloved,

Here are is a four card Animal Power Oracle for you. What message do your animal guides have for you today? Take a deep breath and focus on the four cards. Does one jump out at you? Scroll down for your Animal Power Oracle message. Don’t forget you can always get a free Power animal reading here.


Animal Oracle one – Badger

Ok warrior, don’t give up! You might have been feeling stuck or that your dreams are taking too long to manifest. Badger is telling you to ‘Dig in’ to keep going, and to trust your ability to succeed. You have more inner reserves than you realise.

Completion is crucial, do the work and keep the faith. You might feel challenged or tested in some way this week, but Badger is telling you to be fearless and stand your ground. You have a great tenacity of spirit, use it now.

Animal Oracle two – Cougar

Growwwwl, you are being called upon to take charge. Cougar is a bit of a wild one. It’s essential you find the balance between being powerful and taking power over. Perhaps you have had to be fierce in your life to survive or you feel the only way to deal with a current issue is to show no vulnerability? The truth is you have a natural capacity to lead, pull this together with that huge heart of yours and the world is your lobster!

Now is the time to take control. Be the best leader you can be and don’t let any inner doubts sway you. Yes, you might find others have an opinion on your leadership style and decisions BUT as long as you are authentic and true to yourself, keep going!

Animal Oracle three – Dove

Dove is flying into your life to remind you to take time out. When was the last time you took space to breathe? When we remove ourselves from the hamster wheel of everyday life, we can see things from a different perspective. To gain more energy, clarity, and vision do quiet, peaceful things today. Go for a walk, meditate, cleanse your crystals, create a meditation space.

You might be feeling stressed or worried which is making you chase your tail, fret and worry. To get the guidance you need take quiet time. The solution is closer than you think.

Animal Oracle four – Lynx

Something subtle is going on. Don’t be taken in by appearances. Is there a small nagging inner voice that you are ignoring? Lynx is reminding you to trust your psychic intuition, don’t doubt the accurate psychic messages you are feeling. Look deep into any situation around you that is bothering you. Is there a connection with a soul who is saying one thing and acting another? Are you getting a fluttering in your belly? An inner ‘knowing’ that you are ignoring? Trust your intuition?

It’s time to develop and work with your senses. Perhaps you are fabulous at predicting things for others but ignore messages for yourself? You are a powerful clairvoyant, and all the answers are already within, the rest is up to you..

Deck by Steven D Farmer

2 thoughts on “FREE Four Card Power Animal Oracle

  1. I chose the Lynx. As always so clearly meant for me. I feel my gifts are stronger every day. Yes, sometimes I do ignore certain messages for myself. Sometimes Im just not emotionally ready to face certain things.
    Thank you Michele, Im going to try harder.

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