Free 7 Card Tarot Reading – Pick Two Tarot Cards

free 7 card tarot reading

Hello Beautiful Spirit,

I hope life is stunning, and peaceful with you? I was inspired to film this special free 7 card Tarot reading for you while recording the weekly astrology videos. In this interactive reading you get to pick two cards. Why pick two Tarot cards? To give you deeper intuitive insight into your current situation.

How does the free Tarot reading work?

There are several ways you can gather tantalizing clues and wisps of cosmic wisdom from your free 7 card Tarot reading. As you relax your mind, your intuition is heightened. When you look at the card backs your inner wise one awakens. You might find the answer you’re looking for from a comment, a colour, or a detail that jumps out at you. Open your mind to all the information each Tarot card offers you. There’s a whole magical soup of possibility! Synchronicity, psychic insights, and symbolic information combine to awaken your spirit to the answers you already have within.

What is the best way to pick my two cards?

Focus on the seven Tarot card backs. Use your inner psychic ability to sense which two cards are meant for you (if any!). Do any of the numbers jump out at you? Do you get a feeling or sensation in your body? If only one Tarot card grabs your attention, trust that, an only pick one. Then scroll down for your answer.

Let me know if it worked for you, and if you enjoyed your reading it would be fabulous if you could share this.

Much love

Michele x

Tarot Card One – The Two of Cups

Tarot Card Two – 9 of Wands

Tarot Card Three – The 2 of Pentacles

Tarot Card Four – The 9 of Pentacles

Tarot Card Five – The 4 of Swords

Tarot Card Six- The 4 of Cups

Tarot card seven – The Five of Wands

3 thoughts on “Free 7 Card Tarot Reading – Pick Two Tarot Cards

  1. Thank you. I really enjoyed that. I have been practicing with my own cards, meditation an tapping into my spiritual powers. I k ow I am something extraordinary. I have been traveling listening to spirit listening for my guides working on mastering my connection to source I would love to learn from you an your team. It would be an honor.

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