3 Card FREE Tarot Reading – Instant Advice

Your weekly Tarot Reading. Focus on the three cards. Do you feel one of the cards has a message for you? Take a deep breath, look at the Tarot cards and see if one jumps out. Scroll to your card and play the short video and read your intuitive answer.

Much love Michele x

Tarot Card One – The Ace of Cups

Yay! You may have felt emotionally stuck recently, but that is all about to change! If you have done the inner work then reward is on the way. The Ace of Cups is bringing you a peak emotional experience. An overwhelming feeling of love and contentment is about to surround you. Your creative mojo is on track, and you’re also flowing with gratitude and love for others. You deserve a new beginning, and this one is significant. Nurture yourself, believe in the power of love and open up to the loving experiences which are coming your way. Bathe yourself in love, work on self-love and feel the unconditional love the Universe has for you.

Tarot Card Two – The High Priestess

Hello Sorceress! Your psychic wisdom is increasing. All the answers you seek you already know. Ask yourself a question right now and listen to the first thoughts that come. Pay attention to your body when you are around people, who makes your body feel at ease and who makes you feel tense? What is your inner guru trying to tell you? Keep your eyes peeled for signs and symbols that can help you break free. You may have an opportunity to follow your spiritual path and use your psychic skills to help others. Perhaps you are about to be a mentor or have found yourself being the keeper of secrets. ALWAYS listen to your intuition, especially now, and you can’t go wrong.

The Queen of Pentacles

Are you paying attention to your finances and addressing the practical things in your life? You have the power now to ground yourself and increase abundance in your life. You are putting together facts, figures and logic and combining it with your natural intuition to succeed. It’s time to build solid foundations. You can now trust yourself to take control. There may be a woman/they in your life who is solid and supportive, she/x has got your back. Your real friends and tribe come forward, and you have renewed trust in who is real and right for you. The Queen of Pentacles tells you to slay your fears, you’ve got this.

7 thoughts on “3 Card FREE Tarot Reading – Instant Advice

  1. Fabulous and practical truth to pay attention that already happenings on my surroundings, helps me a lot to prep. .thank you.

  2. excellent always love reading your site as a fellow psychic and own facebook group I offer free readings. I use the archangel power tarot cards.

  3. Love your site Michele and If your looking for another Reader for your Dream Team I am available International Psychic,Clairvoyant and Medium from NZ . XX

  4. I have looked at many tarot sites, but this is by far the best. The readings are so accurate, almost uncannily accurate. A great site.

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