Free 3 card Tarot Reading – What’s Calling You?

Focus on the 3 Cards and feel if one of them has a message for you.

Tarot Card One

The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool

My fav card! With the faith of  The Fool new journeys can begin. Your faith that something new was just around the corner is proven correct as you set off on the first step of a brand new cycle or journey. You’re optimistic – and a little curious. You could just reconnect now to that childlike wonder in all the possibilities the world holds for you. You regain your enthusiasm for something along with your faith in life in general. Above all, don’t be cynical or jaded now. This card says the universe wants you to be open to the fact that what you think you want and what you need may be two different things so keep an open mind when an opportunity arrives as it may not look exactly like you expected. Experiment with life and above all, go towards something new and untried and leave the past behind you. With the wise and bold fool take a leap into the unknown.

Card Two

Ace of swords tarot card

The Ace of Swords

You have the smarts and the willpower to reach that goal now and you’re not likely to let anyone or anything deter you. This is a card which tells you to seize the moment – that the time to take action is now. Project courage and self-confidence and if deep inside you don’t feel it, then fake it till you make it because nobody else will know. Your ideas can now be turned into something real and if an opportunity appears you need to jump right in. This card is all about realising that it is you and you alone who will make success happen. Remember the classic movie Working Girl where Sigourney Weaver asks Melanie Griffith ‘Who makes it happen?’. This is your moment. And who make it happen is you.

Card Three

3 of cups tarot card

The 3 of Cups

Time for a celebration. Success is attained or you celebrate something fabulous happening to you or someone close. Perhaps it is yours or another’s but either way, it brings you intense happiness and this just has to be shared. Joy is just contagious now and you could even find yourself with more than one thing to celebrate. Traditionally this card is linked to holidays so don’t be surprised if what you’re personally celebrating falls close to an actual holiday anyway or you take one in order to celebrate. Singles could even meet their significant other at a party or other kind of celebration. Love and success are in the air.  Do you really need an excuse to celebrate your life? Get the girls together and celebrate what you have, especially friendship!

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Some of your kind words about Sara

Just wanted to give feedback on how excellent I have found Sara as a reader. She gives incredible specific details on my life and my work and the personalities and intentions of people around me. Sara was able to shed light and answer my questions clearly on a very confusing situation in my life.  Her comments and insights have since turned out to be 100% true . Her prediction of a new amazing job has now also come to pass.”

She is a very interesting lady to speak to. Some of the information at first didn’t make sense, then she was able to walk through a story that enabled it all to fall into place. She checked in and asked me to clarify, then gained further clarity. She was able to describe my personality style and preferences very very clearly without any prompting stories from me. she was very honest and described a situation I am trying to get my head around. Sara gave bang on details about the type of work that I do ( i am a contractor) within corporate this isn’t easy to pick up, and she also was able to outline some of the things that I will be offered in the two roles that will be offered or that I will get to chose from. Sara, works toward providing her messages in a way that is clear to you from the way she receives them; she picked up on something that I wasn’t asking about, and described the other person in the situation it was humorous, all information was offered as a thing to use as guidance and not instructional and I should do A or B, simply this is where things are and this is the situation and you have free will to chose; most of all she was helpful in confirming what others had told me, she even said this. She offered some wisdom about how to re-frame the situation I am in as opposed to seeing it either black or white or needing to let go of a specific view.”

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