Free 2019 Tarot Reading – What treasure does 2019 bring you?

Free Tarot Reading – The Treasures of 2019

2019 has a fresh energy and gives us all a shiny new start. What delights has 2018 in store for you? Does one of these four tarot cards have the answer for you? Take a few deep breaths and then choose a card that appeals to you, only one! Then scroll down for your free Tarot reading.

Sending you masses of love for a fabulous 2019


Tarot Card One – 3 of Cups

Yay! We are family, and I got all my sisters with me! 2019 offers you a slew of new friendships. There is much to celebrate in 2019, and the cosmos is asking you to open your arms to the right kind of bonds. Who we mix with has a profound impact on our energy. Do you have enough positive, loving and equal pals to support and enjoy life with? 2018 brings em on! It’s easy to get stuck in a social circle, but different friendships offer a whole new lifestyle.

Important feminine energy/feminist comrades/femme fatales/warrior queens will feature and help support you, make you laugh, and cheer you on. Perhaps your joining forces with a couple of mates to start a new project or committing to making a dream come true. You’re awakening your wild, free energy and celebrating new milestones with fellow adventurers. You’ll find great treasure in your buddies who bend over backwards to help out.

Not sure how to make new friends? Be proactive and attend events/workshops/classes that inspire you. Why not start a monthly Moon group or Tarot swap, spiritual book club or anything else that floats your canoe! Here is a great article on bustle with other tips to expand your social group.

Tarot Card Two – Ace of Pentacles

Boy oh boy! The Ace of Pentacles implies that your 2019 treasure will be a success breakthrough! A financial boost is likely but, perhaps more importantly, an abundance spurt! Ace’s are always good to receive because they are the very essence of the suit. The Ace of Pentacles is Earth, so it’s a dependable, rooted, and offers progress. If you’ve been beavering away towards a goal, keep going!

You are now laying foundations for a more secure reality. It’s time to champion yourself and believe that you can live a more stable and abundant life. What does abundance mean to you? We are not just talking about material achievements but a sense of feeling safe, a rebooted sense of security and faith in yourself.

It’s easy to think about abundance regarding having more money or more ‘stuff’, but it’s much more than that.  Abundance is a total state of being where you dance with the whole of creation in the flow of positive energy, appreciating all the good things already in your life and fully in your power when it comes to attracting more of what you want.

Tarot Card Three – The Knight of Wands

Warrior! You have renewed fire in your belly for an action packed 2018. The treasure of 2019 is a passion for life. Your impulsive, eager and a go-getter this year. Look out for a fire sign who’s enthusiasm is contagious. New adventures and challenges appeal to you, and you have an optimistic and jolly air about you.

You’ve probably spent some time mulling over the direction you would like to take, and now you are ready for action. Make sure you water your horse and take care of the details, or you could find yourself galloping into unknown territory ill-prepared. All you need to do is make a plan and add a dose of practicality to your gung-ho effervescent new energy.

This year might involve travel, and it certainly means stretching your horizons. You are free of restrictions and talking a ride on the wild side. Hi Ho Silver away!

Tarot Card Four – The Lovers

Whoopee! Love, lust, excitement, and intensity are your treasure for 2019! The Lovers card promises a rebirth of desire not just for carnal delights but for life itself. You are experiencing hunger to feel things deeply. Perhaps you’ll rekindle your sensual desire, or fall in love? Maybe you will be tempted by a love triangle or suddenly feel blessed by the love you have in your world?

What does love mean to you and what sort of love do you want in 2019? Make sure that you love yourself as deeply and unforgivingly as you do others. The way we feel about ourselves gets mirrored back by those closest to us (and even complete strangers!) as we are all connected. Traditionally the Lovers card means attraction, love and trials overcome. If you’ve been struggling with love, there is the potential for resolution now.

You can put your passion into anything you feel strongly about in 2019 including your career.




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