Your Free Tarot Reading – A message from your soul – With Michele Knight

Your Free Tarot Reading – A message from your soul

Fancy a bit of psychic inspiration? This Tarot reading intends to stir your own psychic ability. Are you trusting your intuition at the moment?

Do you have a question that is unresolved? Choose one of the three Tarot cards to see if there is a psychic message for you.

Before you scroll down for your answer tune into what you feel the message will be.

Tarot card one – The 4 of Cups

I love this card. We are often caught in a situation where we struggle to see the full picture. We can become so focused on what we perceive to be the only choices, that we miss the treasure we seek!

I’ll let you into a mindblowing secret, we have UNLIMITED choices. It is an illusion to think there are only one or two answers or options. We train ourselves and can be conditioned by the Patriarchy, and life, to limit our perception. We are also natural control freaks who want to hold tight to the reigns of our destiny.

The 4 of Cups is telling you that there is a cup being offered that you cannot see. You are so busy trying to work out the outcome that you are blind to the possibilities which are being dangled in front of you.

Open your mind and your own psychic intuition, there is so much more waiting! Unravel the mystery and embrace new dimensions.

Tarot Card Two – The Empress

Ah, Empress! Can you feel the power surging through your being? You are about to channel vast creativity, sensuality and wonder. Perhaps others see you as a mother figure or you are enquiring about a woman who stands in her magnificence? In either case, this is a majestic card

Even if you are a natural Empress is can be easy to be worn down by the responsibilities of life. If this card is you, you probably naturally nurture and care for those that cross your path.

In the immediate future expect a surge of energy that reminds you of who you are and how far for have come. opportunities are coming your way. You are glorious in your domain. KNOW your fabulousness.

Tarot card three – The Two of Swords

The two of swords whispers that you have a decision to make. Perhaps you are so busy intellectualising or overthinking the problem that you can’t make a choice? Or maybe you feel that neither is quite right?

The Two of Swords is asking you if you have to answer the question now? Can you wait until the solution becomes clear? What is to be gained by deciding in this moment? Go forward when you are SURE of the direction you want to go.

In a hurry?
There’s a magical technique that you could try which involves holding two identically sized stones (or objects), Label the stones choice 1 / choice 2.

Before you pick the stones up close your eyes and ask your question. Take your time. Sit with the choices. Finally, with your eyes closed feel which stone feels heavier. This may enable your intuition your mind and your heart to deliver you the enlightenment you seek.

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