Gemstones and the 12 Zodiac signs

Most people know that each astrological sign has its own birthstone, but there are a whole range of gemstones that hold an affinity with the twelve signs of the zodiac, helping each sign maximise their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but they are power stones for both Aries and Capricorn, two signs known for being extraordinarily strong and as indestructible as a diamond itself.  On the odd occasions when an Arian needs a boost to their legendary passion and sensuality, however, they should reach for garnets or tuck one of the gemstones close to the body, especially if they are trying to win over a lover.  The gemstone garnet will also work well for Scorpios who find themselves in a passion rut.  Carrying round the root chakra stone should help awaken their passion and bring on a few steamy encounters.

An Arian facing an important decision can hold an amethyst in their left hand.  Amethysts are great for balancing and increasing wisdom for Aries and the left hand receives energy, so a few minutes spent clearing the Arian mind in this way will work wonders. Amethyst is also the power stone for Virgos (who would be better off avoiding it if they are feeling a bit paranoid, however), and the crystal can help Pisceans contain their more addictive natures.

The Emerald is the birthstone for Taurus and also thought to be fabulous for protection in love and attracting money.  Heartbroken Taureans can hold an emerald against their heart chakra to heal the past and open them to new love.  If the budget can’t quite stretch to emeralds, however, the clear quartz crystal that looks like it has moss inside, moss agate, is really good for balancing Taurean energy and grounding, giving a helpful lift to self esteem. It’s also really good for calming and grounding Capricorns.

Ancient Romans carried agates for good luck.  There are many different types of agates, which makes them perfectly suited to multifaceted, mercurial minded Geminis.  Blue lace agate promotes truth and verbal expression and polka-dot agate creates cheerfulness and well being.  Whilst not officially Gemini’s stone, rose quartz is great for helping heady Geminis get in touch with their feelings and the petrified sap, Amber, helps them keep their feet firmly on the ground. Marvelous moonstones are the stones for sensitive Cancerians and, although they might be unlucky for some people, pearls make them feel safe and secure.  They’re also great for attracting finance. Pearls are also good for watery Pisceans, although they have an association with tears and moody Pisceans might find they get a bit tearful when they wear them.

No prizes for guessing that Leos have an affinity for tigers eye, which can give a great energy boost and is also believed to be brilliant for protection.  Capricorns also find it gives them a lift.  Carnelian can give Leo’s  desires a lift and increases stamina, though bad tempered Leos might find that it tips them over the edge!

The gorgeously royal lapis lazuli – a midnight blue stone with gold flecks sacred to the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar that adorned the crowns of Ancient Egyptian high priests – can enhance the intuition of Virgos and is also said to the power stone for Sagittarians.

Opal is the birthstone for Scorpios.  Long believed to be an unlucky stone, many gemstone traders in some parts of world still refuse to sell it for that very reason today, but opals won’t harm Scorpios.  What they will do is exaggerate whatever is going on, so Scorpios should only wear them when they are feeling happy and energized whilst smoky quartz can help stuck Scorpios move on from the past.

Aquamarine can wash away all the negativity and fear that can overpower sensitive Pisceans who will love this stone because, in its raw state, it looks like a hunk of the ocean.

Libra’s normally favour calming stones like blue lace agate,sapphires and all things blue. A piece of Carnelian may give you the va va voom or creative inspiration you desire. If you are a Libra that wants to expand your spirituality or boost your psychic skills then Lapis is the perfect stone for you.

Sagittarians are known for being great visionaries, but also for putting their foot in their mouth by saying all the wrong things at all the wrong times.  Topaz, one of the stones said to adorn the breastplate of the High Priests described in Exodus, can increase their awareness of their thoughts which can help Sagittarians avoid some of the gaffs they are famous for. Last but not least, Turquoise both inspires and grounds Aquarians, whilst the silvery hematite can protect them from stage fright. Tell us about your favourite stones.

Loads of love and good vibes, Michele x

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