60 second psychic class – #4 Psychometry

PSYCHIC CLASS #4 Psychometry.

Take your psychic skills to the next level! Expand your intuition. Boost your creativity and clairvoyant ability – in just a minute!

Need an answer to something quickly? Just want to work on your psychic skills but feel you have no time? Then get ready to discover truths, uncover answers and expand your clairvoyant abilities as you go about your everyday business. I’m introducing 30 x one minute psychic exercise you can do anywhere and at any time. Each one is slightly different so pick the one which best suits you, your circumstances and the answer you seek. Bear in mind that these exercises are all designed to get your intuition working so while some or even none of them may not seem to be directly about what it is you need a psychic answer for, they open you up to receiving the information you’re looking for. So, are you ready to become a 24/7 psychic? Pick one and let’s go!

Number 4: ‘Read’ an Every Day Object

We’ve all heard for psychometry – the ability to use psychic ability to ‘read’ objects and tell their history and also the history of people who have handled them. Perhaps the best example of this is, of course, using a piece of jewellery that someone wears all the time – a ring or a watch for instance. But you can perform the same exercise with any object.

For this exercise you can either borrow an object from someone – perhaps someone you don’t know that well so you don’t bring your preconceptions and/or their expectations into the reading. Or go to your nearest charity shop, antique or vintage shop and try this on any object you feel ‘drawn’ to.

The object should be small enough to be held in your hands, so a piece of jewellery, a pen, a small ornament make ideal subjects. Hold the item in your hand and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and wait until the object begins to feel warm in your hands. At this moment ask to be shown where the object has been and who in the past has touched it. Allow all images, feelings, thoughts and impressions to flow through you unedited and without censoring them. Do this for no longer than 30 seconds.

If you choose an object belonging to someone, tell them what you saw or what your impressions were. You may be amazed at what you have picked up.

If you practised this exercise on a random object in a shop, what did you pick up? Think about what you were shown and also if anything you saw seemed familiar in any way or else reminded you of someone you know or something that is happening in your own life right now. We can be drawn to certain objects because their previous owners may have experienced similar events or soul path lessons to our own.

This exercise teaches you that everything – including inanimate objects, has its own history and energy field and with a little practice, we can all learn to tune into this and unlock not just that object’s history, but that of everyone whose hands it may have passed through.

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