60 second Psychic class #3

Take your psychic skills to the next level! Expand your intuition. Boost your creativity and clairvoyant ability – in just a minute!

Need an answer to something quickly? Just want to work on your psychic skills but feel you have no time? Then get ready to discover truths, uncover answers and expand your clairvoyant abilities as you go about your everyday business. I’m introducing 30 x one minute psychic exercises you can literally do anywhere and at any time. Each one is slightly different so pick the one which best suits you, your circumstances and the answer you seek. Bear in mind that these exercises are all designed to get your intuition working so while some or even none of them may not seem to be directly about what it is you need an answer for, they open you up to receiving the information you’re looking for.  Pick one and let’s go!

Number 3: Six Quick Picks

Think of a person or a situation you want an answer to. Look around you and pick six things at random. Depending on where you are when you are doing this they can be anything from six objects in your home, on your desk or around you. You can even pick a person you see, a car, an animal, a billboard, an item in a shop window if you are out and about – anything and everything and above all, don’t censor what you pick.

Now, when you have your six – whatever they happen to be, think about how these six things may be connected in any way you can imagine. Perhaps they are all the same shape or colour? Perhaps you suddenly see if you were to link them together they would tell you a story. While they may not be visually representative of the person or even your question, ask yourself if there is something about the energy of these things that is the same? You will suddenly discover your subconscious mind or your higher self – whatever you want to call it, has actually zoned in on these choices for a reason. They may symbolically represent the person or situation and/or they may provide you with insight into a question you need answering.

The object of this exercise is to free your intuition up and also give your subconscious mind the opportunity to bring to your attention answers that are literally ‘right under your nose’. We see what we need to see but also, this exercise boosts our ability to extract information from the world around us and if we are doing readings for someone else, gives us confidence when we translate visual clues into real information.

Your subconscious mind knows what it is looking for. Have fun with this exercise and ‘see’ the world of information that is literally right in front of you!



One thought on “60 second Psychic class #3

  1. I feel I have a past spirit attached to me causeing upset and chaos in my life and I stuck on how to free it. Ive tried a couple of spells though it is still with me. Im so lost right now.

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