60 second psychic class #2

Take your psychic skills to the next level! Expand your intuition. Boost your creativity and clairvoyant ability – in just a minute!

Need an answer to something quickly? Just want to work on your psychic skills but feel you have no time? Then get ready to discover truths, uncover answers and expand your clairvoyant abilities as you go about your everyday business. Bear in mind that these exercises are all designed to get your intuition working so while some or even none of them may not seem to be directly about what it is you need an answer for, they open you up to receiving the information you’re looking for.

Number 2: What you need right now

psychic class gifGo into your kitchen or if you are out and about, head into a supermarket or a deli. Focus your energy on your Solar Plexus Chakra (located at your stomach region) and ask it what it wants to feel nurtured, loved and secure. Without judgement on your part see what it guides you towards.

If you are doing this in the supermarket, have you been drawn to something new, something you used to love and have not eaten for a while or else something you have been denying yourself lately. Do you associate this food with someone specific or a specific period in your life?

Are you drawn to a new veg or style of food? What does it represent?  Equally are you drawn to something which is a bad habit. Is it as a way of blocking emotions and self medicating? It’s incredible how we tend to shop unconsciously, what does your intuition say about what you truly need?

psychic class gifChoose 60 seconds randomly through out the day to tune into what you need in a specific area of your life, not just food. Learn to understand your true intuition rather than your shadow side or unconscious which may be leading you to destructive choices.

In your next 60 seconds tune your focus into a problem you have which you want to resolve. Begin to hear your inner wisdom rather than a compulsive desire. Although this task is deceptively simple you will be amazed by what you discover once you begin to hear your psychic intuition. This also opens you up to get more detail when doing a psychic reading for others.

psychic class gifThe object of this exercise is to look at your relationship with what sustains, nurtures and supports you. This helps to understand what choices come from the past and what choices come from your psychic intuition and higher self. Think about this as you go about your day.

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