Numerology: Birthday Secrets Life Path Revealed

Numerology is the easiest of all the divination techniques to learn and master. But don’t be misled by its simplicity. Numerology is a powerful tool we can use to predict the future and reveal our soul purpose and life path. Discovering the numerological meaning behind your birthday can reveal your talents and potential and help you discover your soul purpose. So, what is it that makes numerology so powerful and also so accurate?

Well, it’s all down to numbers. Mathematics is the underlying foundation of all scientific thought and the fact that numerology is based on mathematics is what makes it not only simple but incredibly easy to prove how well it works. After all, the numbers can’t lie! There are two systems of numerology which are the Pythagorean and the Chaldean with the Chaldean being the older of the two and recognised as the most simple and accurate. You can reveal life cycles and the timing of events by using either system by analysing the numerological vibration of your name. But the best place to start is with your birthday. The ancients believe that we choose to be born on a certain date in order to come under certain influences – the most obvious the astrological ones but also the numerological ones as well. This shows us our life path and reveals the lessons we have come into this life to learn and certain experiences we are destined to have as a result.

With numerology we have a total of thirty one possible life paths based on your birthday which fall under nine possible ‘master numbers’ which are of course the numbers one to nine. When we use numerology for predicting the future we use your day of birth, the current month and year. But to reveal your life path all we need is the day you were born – not the month or year. If your birthday falls on a day that is a single number – say the 7th, then you have a 7 master life path. If your birthday falls on say the 18th of the month you would add 1+8 together and this would give you a 9 life path master number with additional information conveyed by the 18. If you were born on a day with a zero in it – say the 30th, you would have a 3 master life path with additional information provided by the 30. If you were born on the 28th of the month you would add 2+8 together which gives you 10 which reduces down to a 1. So, a 1 life path master number plus a 28 power number. Simple, isn’t it?

Unlike astrology where you have to understand not only the influence of the planets, but the meaning of the houses and also transits and progressions, numerology allows us to access soul information of incredible depth just through understanding the vibration of these numbers. So, to find out what secrets your birthday reveals about you, your life path and your soul purpose check out your birthday master number and your additional power number if you have one. Oh, and if were born on a day that is a single number, please don’t feel that you’ve been short-changed or left out. Very often those souls who incarnate on days that are double-digits have come in with additional lessons to learn. So what’s yours? Check your number and find out.

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