Numerology: Birthday Secrets 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th No 2 Life Path


If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th day of any month you have a Number 2 Life Path Master Number.

Sensitive and imaginative, no matter what your star sign you have an affinity to people born under the astrological sign of Cancer and they may be past life connections with Cancerians that you meet in this lifetime. You are emotional, sentimental and compassionate but being so sensitive you can easily pick up the moods of others and your environment. Although you are not aggressive you may at times be confronted with aggressive people. If so, respond with subtlety and shrewdness as this is where your strengths lie. Often you sublimate your own ambitions into others so take a look at your motives if you find yourself doing this. You have a need for recognition and if others do not appreciate your efforts you will end up feeling rejected.

You love your home and your family is important to you. Do not take on their problems however as you will end up feeling overwhelmed. Also, you can allow your imagination to run riot and come up with all kinds of disastrous scenarios which may never happen so please don’t fall into this trap as it can lead to depression and anxiety taking over. You tend to be cautious by nature and this can mean you can miss out on opportunities if the ‘opportunity’ arrives in an unfamiliar form so one of your lessons in this life is not to immediately reject something because it looks unusual or unconventional to you – that’s your anxiety talking! Money and material things are important for your emotional security but don’t let this get out of hand. There may be many ups and downs on your lifepath to making yourself financially secure. You need to concentrate on forming friendships outside of your family otherwise you will get too caught up in family matters.

Around age 28 you will see events occur which lay the foundations for your future. This could be a period of intense activity in your life. If you are not happy with where you are now then look back at that time as it contains the key to your soul direction.

Your finances may ebb and flow and watch out for others taking advantage of your good nature, especially family members. You may need to learn ‘tough love’ if a particular family member keeps needing your help. Sometimes the best way to help someone (and ourselves) is simply to say ‘no’. You are shrew financially and perfectly able to save money so please don’t let anyone undermine this. Travel is highlighted for your number and often you will travel at someone else’s expense. However you do need somewhere to call your own so a base from which adventures begin and end is a necessity for you even though you may end up living far from your place of birth. There is also strong likelihood of number 2 marrying someone from a foreign background, if so it is not just the person you have a karmic link to but also the land they are from.

You may have had erratic schooling or have moved schools and if you feel you have missed out on your education then try to further it later in life. You may have a talent for writing especially anything to do with fantasy, romance or anything that requires conceptual thinking. In romance you can be possessive but the flip side to that is you will defend the ones you love – you will turn into a tiger where your children are concerned. This is usually an excellent number for attracting a mate that will help you with domestic tasks and child rearing. However, if you find yourself alone and out of a relationship for a period of time don’t fall into the trap of just settling for anyone just because you need to feel needed. Learn to have faith the universe will deliver the right person when the time is right and don’t just ‘settle’. You are also likely to attract a partner who may be in the public eye in some way.

During your life there may be a secret love affair – if so try to be aware this comes from an escapist tendency and deal with problems head on in relationships.

You are highly creative and may work in a creative area or have contact with people who do such as actors, artists, musicians etc. Because of your compassionate nature you may also attract people who have served time in a prison, asylum, institution, hospice, rest home or orphanage, or a family member may spend time in one of these.

Your life lesson is to learn from your past but not to look back at it in either an overly-sentimental way (‘things were perfect back then’) or be melancholy about it (‘my life is a disaster’). According to your number vibration your long term future is bright and you will have the love of people who feel like your family whether they are actual family or not!

If you were born on the 11th, 20th or 29th of any month please see the additional information contained in your power number which you can find in this section.



10 thoughts on “Numerology: Birthday Secrets 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th No 2 Life Path

  1. Holy *#*)$)# this is so accurate.. Mom died at 32…
    I always wondered why I have so many double numbers
    born 03-11-66 at 5:05

  2. Amazing and beyond accurate. Even looking back at my life at the age of 28, significant in the passing of my father but true insight to my future. You rock!

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