Numerology for April 2011

The month of April resonates to the energy of the number four which is also the number of the year 2011. 2+0+1+1=4.

After the upheavals and uncertainties of the first three months of this year the energy of the Four brings Order and Stability. This month gives us the opportunity to really put down roots and get our foundations in place ready for the opportunities that may come later in the year.

As it is also the number of the year itself many people will find things beginning to settle down a little now. In these changing times it is important to have some stability in our life in order to stay grounded. Four is the number of Earth and of structure and many of us will be looking to make changes to the way we live. I feel that there will be more people looking to return to a more sustainable lifestyle. More of us will be digging our gardens to grow food. More of us will be wanting to be more self sufficient and I feel there will be more people coming together to work communally and help each other.

When we break the year number of 2011 down we get 20 which is the number of the diplomat, the Peace keeper. This number brings a deep sensitivity especially on the emotional level and makes us more empathic and so more aware of the needs of others.

The second part of this number is 11 which is one of the Master numbers in Numerology. This number resonates to a higher vibrational energy and enables us to tune into the universal source of all that is. When we do this we are able to utilise our natural ability to heal and to help each other. Eleven brings the gift of clear vision and enables us to see things more clearly. This allows us to break through the illusions and to get to the heart of things. The energy of 11 is very much to do with building bridges between the old out dated way of doing things and the new more appropriate way of working together. The energy of 11 can be quite cathartic in that it can force us to look more closely at how we need to make changes. This is particularly evident in the recent earthquakes in Japan. As a result of what has happened with their nuclear power plants many other countries are reconsidering whether to continue to use this form of power.

This year is clearly a year of change and the numbers of the year give us the ability to embrace the change and to grow in ways we may not have imagined. There is a real need to let go of old habits that hold us back so that we can move more lightly into our future.

The month April when converted to numbers resonates to the energy of the number 6 and so for many this will entail taking a good long look at our personal relationships and making changes to the way we interact with each other. It also brings the ability to work within a group and so brings a sense of family to our relationships in whatever form they may take. This enables us to really connect with people in a more loving way. It brings us back to the feminine power and a more social consciousness which allows us to understand and to help those who need help.

Vikki, Michele Knight reader 2265

Vikki is a hereditary empath and healer who uses Tarot and Angel cards and draws on clairsentience and Numerology.  She trained as a Spiritual Healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in the early 90’s and studied Reiki in 2000 – 2003, when she gained her Master attunement practicing Usui Reiki and Seichem Reiki. Whilst working as a healer, she began to dream of names being turned into numbers and this led her back to an earlier interest in Numerology.

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