Mars in Libra – Metrosexual baby!

Mars comes into his feminine side!

Mars is entering Libra on December 7th 2013 and will stay here until July 25th 2014. As this is a particularly long transit due to the retrograde on March 1st 2014 until May 19th 2014, it should be an interesting time indeed. Venus rules the sign of Libra and this embodies peace, relationships, refinement and justice. Macho Mars is synonymous with action, aggression, energy, leadership and is at odds in this feminine sign as it is directly opposed to his native Aries (and rubbing up against his native Scorpio too).

With individuals with Mars in Libra there is a desire for peace and not conflict. They like to think things through rather than act impulsively. The energy and enthusiasm Mars is renowned for can be replaced with a more relaxed attitude too. Be aware of a tendency toward passive aggressive behaviour as Libra does not want to be unkind but Mars feels the need to release that fire. However, as a lover, well, you will not find anyone more charming or delightful. Here you have someone who wants to get it right and to take you to such heights that you will be begging for more!

Rather than consider Mars in Libra as a negative experience full of challenges it should be seen as an opportunity. There is the cliché of a man being supposed to hunt, fight and lead a pack of other males to do man stuff. In these more enlightened times it should be seen as time to get metrosexual and allow the masculine energy to get in touch with its feminine side. Put aside the shield of brute strength and don the mantle of tact and strategy.
So what will this transit mean for the collective?

Relationships will be under the spotlight for the next eight months and will be felt more acutely by those with Libra active in their birth chart. These could be any sort of relationship, from family and friends to lovers and business colleagues.
Mars in Libra is a facilitator of bridge building. Reconciliations and peaceful negotiations are probable during this time providing both parties are willing to accept responsibility for their part in any wrong doing. Libra is concerned with justice and fairness and Mars with the courage to look with. Then true healing as a whole can begin.

Do take care not to use this time to let old resentments fester into something more than they need to be. Address them with maturity. There is nothing so undermining to relationships than backhanded compliments or smiling attacks disguised as being nice or helpful. They are hurtful and do nothing to accomplish any goodwill and only serve shallow self-gratification.

Both this sign and this planet have conflicting attributes that can be highly flammable when the elements of Air and Fire are considered. But when their strengths are managed with respect you could be dealing with some very powerful and constructive energy.

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