Love spell to attract the right lover.

Are you feeling that love has passed you by?  How about a little love magic? Spells are rituals that focus energy. I have very strong feelings about spells that try to influence other people’s destiny. I do not believe we have the authority to tamper with someone else’s soul path.

However, spells that invite energy into our life are a different story and a great way to create fabulousness! There is no harm in putting your energy out there like a psychic and energetic calling signal. This simple spell can help you in summoning your next romantic partner without messing with anyones mojo!  Unlike many other rituals to attract romance into your life, this one doesn’t just focus on your desire for love. It takes into consideration that love comprises of two people and two hearts. So, it gives you double the power and double the ability to attract that person in. Ready for love? Then let’s begin!

You will need the following before starting:

A green candle (the colour associated with Venus the goddess of love)

Scented oil – floral is best such as rose, gardenia, jasmine but choose the one which appeals most to you

Pen and paper

A length of green ribbon

A knife

Optional items:

A green piece of fabric


Decorative items that evoke a feeling of beauty and romance

Tarot cards such as The Lovers, Ace of Cups, 2 of Cups, 9 of Cups, 10 of Cups etc

You can put on some ambient music if you like – something sensual and immersive that heightens the mood. Ensure you will not be disturbed and switch your phone to silent.

This spell is best performed on a Friday as Friday is Venus’s day. But you can perform this ritual at any time.

If you have chosen extra accessories such as green fabric, then lay this down and arrange your other items on it. It doesn’t matter however if you haven’t – the spell will work just fine without it.

Centre yourself and when you are ready, anoint your green candle with the oil. Take some time to rub the oil in the entire length of the candle. Make this an almost sensual ritual. When you are done, set the candle aside for now.

Next, take your pen and paper and write down the qualities and characteristics of the kind of person you want to attract. Don’t forget the inner qualities as at the end of the day these will be the most important ones. Also, don’t describe one particular person no matter how much you may desire them. Thoughts are energy and if we do this we are attempting to interfere with someone’s free well. Yes, you can describe qualities they have but nothing that identifies them for who they are. Or I have found asking the Universe to send the right person is much more powerful as you don’t have to worry what you have left off the list!

When you have finished this stage, write about how they are going to make you feel once your relationship is established. More happy? More secure? More outgoing? List these emotions.

Now – here’s the double, turbo aspect to this spell. Write down the qualities you bring to the relationships from their point of view! What do you have to offer that they are looking for. Imagine that your lover is at this very moment engaged in the same ritual and describing the person they want to meet and that person is YOU! When you are done, next describe how you make THEM feel. Imagine what you bring to their life. Take as long as you like with this.

When you are done, re-read everything you have written carefully. You should discover that there are similar words you have used to describe your feelings and theirs. Take two or three of these words and with your knife or fingernail, write them into the candle. This is your joint love declaration as to what you will both experience by being together.

Light your candle now and allow it to burn down. Obviously don’t leave it unattended while it does. When it has gone out and has definitely gone cold, take the stub of your candle and roll it up in the paper you used to write on. Tie this with the length of green ribbon and if you want to leave your altar out, place it in the centre of that. If you did not create an altar or just want to clear it away, place your scroll away somewhere safe – perhaps where you keep your Tarot cards or your journal.

When your lover appears you can open your scroll and re-read what you wrote and see how well your Love Love spell worked. You may be amazed at what you were able to conjure with a little extra love magic!


3 thoughts on “Love spell to attract the right lover.

  1. I have never practiced witchcraft but I am open to it. I’m a pisces and am VERY empathic. I have gotten frustrated looking for my love, and have questioned if he is even out there. I’m going to try this spell tonight in hopes that it will finally draw my love and I together… Thank you for posting this :).

    1. Gbolahan, Tarot Cards are like those cards that tell past present and future. However, in witchcraft, they’re more typically used for advice or to tune into your higher self.

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