Our Latest Psychic Video’s. Martha and Alesso.

Here are the latest new psychic reader videos! The wonderful psychic Alesso and fabulous Martha



Martha is clairvoyant and medium who also uses tarot. I heard about Martha several years ago as she worked in Covent Garden my old stomping ground. She is a seasoned and solid reader who is deep, detailed and genuine. I’m sure you will appreciate her mature, warm and intelligent style.

What others say about Martha

“I feel I must leave feedback for lovely Martha 2291. I was in a bad place for a few days and she has given me hope and brought back a bit of the confidence I had lost. Martha did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Her reading was in-depth, clear and to the point. She talked me through my personal situation and picked up my energy from the very beginning of the reading. Martha has given me so much clarity around my particular situation. She also has a great sense of humour. Thank you Martha.”

“I had a reading recently with Martha and just wanted to say that several of her predictions have already come true. An ex-partner of 6years had moved abroad and had not been in contact for several months, contacted me out of the blue declaring his undying love just as Martha had seen. To be honest, I was very surprised as I did not expect this to happen.”


Alesso gave me an incredibly specific reading including giving me the name of someone who my partner was having problems with. He picked up on an opportunity around me in America and many other fine details. He is a striking young talent. We are delighted to have him on board.

What others say about Alesso

“This is a review for Alesso re info he gave me before Christmas which has now all come to pass. From what I remember, in the reading, he told me he used cards and angel guides. I found him to be very soft spoken and precise with lots of bang on information about a new job and relationship which I didn’t believe, but I am now working full time and in a relationship. Looking back, he described people around me in great detail, and timings have come to pass in the last few weeks, it made me feel peaceful.”

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