Heart Chakra – The Source of Love Itself

The heart chakra is the home of unconditional love.  All love flows through here.  It the meeting place of the higher and lower chakras, the point at which we meld our connection to our earthly nature and our divine essence.  It is also our connection to the whole and the centre through which we are able to love ourselves and then extend that love out through the web that connects us all to everything in creation.  It’s the source of compassion and empathy for ourselves and others and is the sacred place where our sacred truths are found.

Your ability to be that vessel for love echoes the divine spark in you.  We are born of love and in love to love.  There is no greater truth or power in the universe.

That love is abundant, never ending and bigger than you could possibly imagine.  It is always there for you.  It washes away pain, soothes you and renews your connection to life itself.

In our journey along the road to learning to love, we may need to discover how to love without giving our power away to that which we love, to love without expectation or condition, and to continue to love ourselves as we love others.  That journey can be one of our greatest sources of joy and pain. But the pain that we can experience through love happens when we enter into the illusion that love is something that can only come to us from one person or one thing, when we forget that we are the vessel through which love itself passes.  When we separate ourselves from that great ocean of love, we can feel isolated or depressed. 

To experience that deep, divine love, all we ever need to do is to remove the barriers we have placed between that which is always there and ourselves, to connect again with that whole.

Connecting with the divine source of love

1/Take your journal and write the name of every single person you have ever loved or love now.  Notice how your heart feels with every name that you write.  Then take each name and write out what that experience of love taught you about love itself. 

 2/Meditate on that connection with the divine whole.  Imagine your heart chakra being bathed in a beautiful pink or green colour.  You can hold a rose quartz crystal or, if you lie down, place it on your heart chakra.  As you deepen your meditation, you can visualise the love that flows through you reaching out to everything in creation.

 3/Think about all of the things that you do that allow you to connect with that vast source of love, and be prepared to be surprised at where you might find it in your life!  Perhaps the best thing about love is that when we open our hearts there are no limits to how we get to feel it.  For example, you may find that you feel it when you are gardening, or baking, or even cleaning.  Kahlil Gibran said, ‘Work is your love made visible’ and in some cultures, you are only allowed to prepare food for others if you are in a good and loving state.  Loving what you do, whatever you do, is a brilliant way for you to extend the ways that you get to feel love. Before writing his book, Flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi researched around the world to find the happiest people and found that the one common thing that they all shared was the degree to which they became totally absorbed in whatever they were doing to the point where they stepped out of the boundaries of being them and connected with something much bigger – whether they were an outstanding athlete or a line worker in a factory. So do whatever you do with love and you’ll never go short of it!

Learn to listen to your heart.  Sifting and sorting the meanings of what your heart is trying to tell you is part of your personal journey of exploration.  Only you can discover whether you are loving from the ego, with its demands, or whether you are giving your power away as you love, or whether any lack that you feel is because you need to love yourself more. Honour your heart chakra and your heart itself as a centre of extraordinary wisdom and intelligence.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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