Five Steps to a Soul Boosting Summer Solstice!

Summer is here and even if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, recent evidence shows there are five simple steps we can take to boost our wellbeing, intuition and creativity no matter what time of year it is.

1: Reach out. Connections are essential for our overall wellbeing both physical and mental. If your social life needs an upgrade there’s nothing like the summer to get involved in a new activity. If making new friends seems daunting the fact is we are all often guilty of letting friendships slide. Why not pick up the phone or drop an email to that friend you’ve been feeling guilty about not contacting for so long? Chances are they are feeling as guilty as you are and what’s more are happy to hear from you. Reach out and let other people expand your world and wellbeing.

2: Don’t just dream it – do it. Get on the move – whether its taking exercise or taking action towards your goals. Either one will get your brain releasing endorphins. Obviously the benefits of exercise are well documented but action of any kind brings its own high. Taking action towards our goals and even completing a small step makes us feel good about ourselves. Whether you want to be fitter or set a personal or professional goal – break your goals down into short term, medium and long term. As you scratch them off you’ll have the encouragement to go on to the next one so get that feel good factor happening for you!

3: Expand your awareness. Look for synchronicities. Become aware of coincidences and hidden meanings. What’s your intuition telling you? Paying more attention to everyday things boosts our intuition and creativity as we begin to see beyond the obvious. Magic is everywhere!

4: Keep learning. When we learn something new we boost our confidence and self-worth as well as gain a sense of achievement. Whether it’s taking up a new activity such as sailing, horse riding or walking this summer or learning the Tarot or taking a IT class, learning expands our potential and brings us new possibilities. Learning is where we begin to create a new future for ourselves.

5: Pay it forward: Don’t associate giving with only money. No matter how broke we are we all have something to give. We can give our time to a friend who needs help with a project or moving house. We can volunteer at a local charity. W can give someone the present of our presence. Of course, there’s nothing like giving money to a good cause especially if we believe in it. But also the feel-good factor of being able to help someone out is the gift that gives to both parties and whose effects we can relive long afterwards. It sends a signal to the universe we can afford to give – even if it is just our time or expertise. And in turn the universe sends us more to give. That’s a win/win scenario on a karmic scale!

Feeling great at any time of year or expanding the possibilities in our lives doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s always the Season of the Soul after all!

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