Suzy Greaves’ Column: Give yourself an energy makeover

Suzy Greaves’ Column: Give yourself an energy makeover

This month, I want you to imagine that your energy is like a bucket full of water and in the next 30 days your challenge is to keep your bucket full to overflowing. To do this, we need to put in strategies that to regularly fill up your ‘bucket’, while at the same time, making sure you don’t have any leaks draining the water from the bottom.
Firstly, let’s have a look at your bucket. What does your bucket look like? An inch of muddy water at the bottom? Half full but rapidly diminishing from a hole in the bottom? Full but a bit stagnant?

Once you’ve done a review of where you’re at, let’s look at your energy leaks. Many of us may try to incorporate good healthy habits into our life to give us the energy we crave but unless we fix the physical and emotional leaks in our buckets, we’re on a fast track to nowhere.

Identify your emotional and physical ‘leaking holes’. What or who is draining your energy? It can be a specific situation at work with a bullying boss or it can be a ‘vampiring’ friend who always talks about herself but never asks about you. Perhaps you drink too much coffee and not enough water. Get clear by writing it all down in very specific terms.

Now let’s fix those holes. If you keep on doing the same thing, you’ll keep on getting the same results. So next ask yourself – What will I have to think and do differently to eliminate my top three drainers forever?

Plan a way of getting it

It may be something radical such as changing career but don’t panic. Break it down into a step by step plan of what you have to do. For example, you might commit to an hour’s job related research on the internet each day, signing on with a recruitment agency or looking for new training courses you could do. Or it may be small changes to your every day routine – you may want to join a gym or a running club or make a commitment to drinking one glass of water on the hour.
Once you’ve got to the root of what is behind your energy leaks, ask – how would life look if you had more energy. What would you do more of? How would you feel? Now plan a way of getting it – and be specific. Whether that be sitting down with your loved ones and asking for support with the washing up or the childcare or scheduling in three nights a week where you cancel your appointments and do nothing but lie in bed and read trashy novels. The more specific you are, the easier this exercise is.

It takes 21 days to change a habit so to commit to 3 baby steps a day that are do-able and specific and create yourself a way of ticking off your goals. Small incremental changes will make a massive impact on your life and energy levels.

Fill up your bucket up today!

Three ways to boost your energy instantly TODAY:

1. Create three delicious daily habits that will make you feel utterly nurtured– always eat dinner by candle-light/ buy flowers for your desk once a week/have a daily walk by the river. Create daily treats and instant energy guaranteed.
2. Get some adoration. Spend time with people who you adore and who adore you. If this means cancelling all the appointments you have with the people who drain you, waste your time and energy – so be it. Basking in negative energy will get you more of the same so hang out with the people who want nothing more than to love you

3. Sleep well. Everyone has mornings when they feel tired but if you always wake up feeling like that, you probably need to improve the quality of your sleep. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you’re getting eight hours sleep. If you lie awake and worry, psychologist and stress consultant Dr David Lewis advises: “Get up and write down any worrying thoughts. Go back to bed. If you’re still worried, repeat the exercise until you fall asleep within 15 minutes.”


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