Don’t Wait to Be 100. Live Your Dreams Today!

Many of you may have seen the heart-warming story of 100-year old Ruby Holt who fulfilled her lifelong dream to see the ocean just a few weeks before turning 101. Ruby’s story has two important messages for all of us: 1 – that you are never too old to live your dream and also most importantly, not to wait until you are 100 to have your dream(s) come true.

Another story I came across was of a woman in her 70’s who woke up one day realising that while she loved horses she had never learned to ride them. At an age where many people are looking at hip replacements and Zimmer frames, she contacted her local riding school. Not only did she learn to ride, she went on to compete successfully and against riders who were often 50 years her junior!

It’s all very well to have a dream but what we need to remember is that having it come true – in other words, turning our dream into a goal, can take courage and requires effort and action on our part. It also requires us to acknowledge our dreams ARE an important part who we are and our soul learning experience. Therefore, our dreams deserve investment be it our time, money or other resources or leaving our comfort zones in order to pursue them.

What many people don’t realise is there are many benefits in heading in the direction of our dreams. Very often to have them we have to try something new. This has the effect of expanding our experience and even re-wiring our brains. The feeling of increased confidence as we reach key stages along the way to our dreams affects all our relationships, releases endorphins for a natural high and boosts our self-esteem. We learn new things and encounter people and experiences along the way we might otherwise missed out on. Looked at this way, what are you waiting for?

Ask yourself what is it you want to do, experience or achieve? Can you break this down into stages? Have your shared your dream with others who may be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction? The fact is that very few dreams can be attained all on our own. In Ruby’s case it was her telling the people at the care home she lived in that she had never seen the ocean. Even if your dream is to sail solo around the world you still need to learn how to sail and get hold of a boat and chances are you need others to help you do that!

Lao Tzu said:  ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ and while your goal make look as if it is 1000 miles away when you begin, you would be surprised how taking the smallest step can bring you closer. Very often this can be as simple as showing the universe you are ready to experience something new by making small but different choices in your every day life. Take a different route to work, try a new coffee shop or pick up something you have never tried before at the supermarket. Opt for a new reader if you are thinking about having a psychic reading – if you usually have a Tarot reader try a medium or an astrologer instead. Buy a different newspaper or magazine. All this says you are open to something new and once you start down on this path you will see the process accelerate with synchronicities occurring and people crossing your path who can help you towards your dream in some way. breaking patterns is the most powerful way to allow the Universe to bring something new and exciting in!

You have your dreams for a reason and you would not have them if you did not also have the ability to make them come true. Dare to take that first step towards them today and don’t wait until you’re 100!  .

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