Contacting Spirit Guides with Audio Tuning and Japa Meditation

If you’ve ever been in a recording studio, you’re familiar with the concept of adding or removing various layers of sound.

The process of contacting spirit guides can be done in much the same way.

By fine tuning our spiritual ears, we can adjust ourselves to hear our spirit guides.

We are like audio technicians in a cosmic recording studio. We have the equipment (our mind, heart and soul) and ability to strip away the distracting noises to get that fine melodic hum. Contacting spirit guides means honing in on that lovely melody from spiritual Source.

It takes practice, but thankfully there are many different techniques to psychic audio tuning.

One of these audio tuning techniques is called Japa or Manasika Meditation.

A few things are required for Japa in contacting spirit guides.

What you will need for Japa

  • A block of uninterrupted time.
  • A willingness to connect.
  • A mantra. This can be a phrase you adore, that you know by heart. It can be a sutra, a Biblical psalm, a poem, or even the refrain to your favorite song (I’ve performed Japa with the refrain in Steve Winwood’s song “Higher Love” quite successfully). What is essential is that you know the mantra/phrase verbatim, and it is uplifting to you.

Contacting Spirit Guides Using Japa Meditation

  • Place yourself in a subdued, calming environment. A physical and mental place where you are unlikely to be distracted (this meditation requires intense/uninterrupted focus).
  • Place your body in a meditative position. Whether you choose the lotus position or supine – makes no difference. The only thing that matters is your level of comfort.
  • With eyes closed, take a few deep, revitalizing breaths.
  • Acknowledge your exhale as a clearing out of superfluous energy.
  • Acknowledge your inhale as an embrace of clarity.
  • Begin to feel all the vibrations of your mind and body begin to settle and harmonize. All the cells in your body begin to unite into a common resonance.
  • Here’s where your mantra comes in:
  • Silently, to yourself, speak the first word of your mantra.
  • See this first word in your mind in beautiful bold type.
  • Feel the value of the word reverberate throughout your all energy systems.
  • Repeat this first word several times. Galvanize it into your energy.
  • Pause slightly.
  • Now do the exact same thing using the second word in your mantra.
  • Galvanize this second word just as you did with the first word.
  • Now move your attention between these two words.

Here is an illustration of what a meditative Japa concentration on mantra words (using Steve Winwood’s song “Higher Love”) might look like:

That bulls eye between these two words used in this mantra is the key to contacting spirit guides.

Why? Because that is the point of ultimate stillness, and silence. This is the aim. To whittle down all chatter of the mind. Tone down all distracting thought, and hone our focus into an abyss of suspension.

Listen for this yawning silence – that’s where spirit communication is born.

Your spirit guides live in this quiet suspension. Your ability to effectively communicate with your higher powers relies on this connection to the space in-betwixt.

Continue to practice this meditation by galvanizing each consecutive word in your mantra, moving back to the preceding word – followed by moving your awareness into the space between these words.

It might seem an odd practice at first – but once you taste your first bite of suspended clarity, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Furthermore, once you have the feeling of that “in-between” state, contacting your spirit guides will be effortless.

Your spirit guides exist in these gaps between thought – this is where they will meet you, greet you and escort you to higher knowing.

I hope you enjoy working with this one of many techniques to contacting spirit guides. For more information on spirit guides, see Michele’s free article: Meeting Your Spirit Guide.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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