Change Your Life! Invest in Your Future

Hello there, fearless life changers!

Hopefully you have already completed weeks one and two of our incredibly simple yet brilliantly transformational program for change. If not, please don’t skip a step and commit yourself to the full process and complete weeks one and two before tackling week three. If you are now on your third week you should by now be seeing changes in your energy, your thoughts, your attitude and how you approach life so let’s build on that now, shall we?

Changing our life is all about creating a new future for ourselves. And to do that we have to have an investment program. Just like we put aside money to meet a future financial goal it’s now time to invest in yourself and see yourself as your own greatest asset.

Now, usually when we talk about this kind of process, people immediately think about professional or academic upskilling or qualifications. But while investing in ourselves and our future can and often does include that, we don’t have to stop there. So let’s take a look at just how you can invest in yourself, create a new future and live with more happiness and passion while you do so.

Week Three: Make a Soul Investment

Time to learn a new skill that really engages you on every level – mind, body and spirit. We all need to know what we can achieve and continue to grow and master new skills. If we don’t – we stagnate it’s a simple as that and stagnation is the opposite of evolution.

As I said earlier, this does not necessarily have to be a professional skill – it can be anything you have thought about trying for sometime but have put off. It can be as simple as yoga or tai chi, a cooking class or dance lessons. The only criteria is that it has to engage your passion on some level. Try horse riding, kayaking, rock climbing, pottery, archery, joining a gym, a writing workshop – whatever appeals to you.

Commit to yourself and your future by assigning the time and the money you are going to need to do this. No excuses and no procrastination. The other mandatory is that it must challenge you on some level – this can be just the fear of making a fool of yourself or having to walk in to a group of strangers to having to master something physically such as muscle strength or coordination.

The important thing as well is to stay the course and to understand that nobody becomes an expert at anything over night. If you want to master something you have to practice – but when you start to see the results you wll experience a growing sense of empowerment and achievement which will then have a knock on effect to other, completely unrelated areas in your life. Take that first step towards investing in yourself and your future in week three.

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