Find Love Through Lucid Dreaming

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What do you need to do to find love? Just ask your soul the next time you have a lucid dream…

Your dreams become lucid when you ‘wake up’ or become conscious enough to realise that you are dreaming. It sounds like a contradiction, being awake and asleep at the same time, but there are different levels of consciousness and, with practice and awareness, it’s possible to shift between these different planes of existence.
If you have ever experienced a lucid dream, you’ll know what an exhilarating spiritual experience it can be. Ironically, it’s not a dreamlike feeling at all – in fact it feels as ‘real’ as at any other time you are conscious during the day.

Say hello to your soul

When you become lucid in your dream you are in the wonderful position of being able to control what you are dreaming about. You are able to look in to the world of your dreaming, unconscious mind, and can meet and talk with your higher, unconscious self – a part of your soul that is usually hidden and protected beneath layers of your own unconscious shell.
Imagine what secrets you can mine from the part of you that mysteriously controls so much of your behaviour and attitudes. You will be able to understand your unconscious blocks or past-life fears, get invaluable insight into why you have been finding certain situations so tough, and discover the secrets of your own personality.

Dream training

It is possible to train your mind to get lucid. One of the easiest way to do this is to draw capital ’D’ for ‘dreaming’ on the back of your hand. Every time you see the ‘D’ you should say to yourself “Am I awake or am I dreaming?” Do this every time you see the ‘D’ and make a point of really considering the answer (this is an important part of the training).
Most of the time, of course, you will be awake; doing the ironing, brushing your hair, biting your nails. But after a few days of seeing the ‘D’ it will become an ordinary part of your day, and therefore, just as the other ordinary things such as your office or people you see every day, the ‘D’ will soon pop up in your dreams. The difference is that when you see the ‘D’ in your dream, you will be so used to asking yourself, “Am I awake or am I dreaming?”, that you’ll finally be able to say – “yes! I am dreaming!” And that’s the trigger, the key to opening another world.

Keeping it up

Another method to help you get lucid is the ‘arm up’ way. When you are feeling sleepy, keep your arm listed up into the air for as long as you can. This is to remind you that you don’t want to go entirely conscious… you want to keep part of your mind awake. Every time you forget what you are trying to do your arm will drop and remind you. The effort of keeping it in the air will grow intolerable after a while but hopefully it will have enabled you to stay awake enough to find yourself in a lucid dream.

Exploring your dreamworld

When you find yourself conscious in another plane of existence you experience freedom from physical, emotional, and mental entanglements – perhaps for the first time ever.
It’s harder to control things in a lucid dream than you may think. This is because the experience of becoming aware inside dream is so incredibly exciting that the first few times it happens you’ll probably forget why you wanted to have one in the first place. The dreamworld environment is so distracting, with limitless possibilities and avenues to explore, that whatever you’ve been having problems with in your waking, conscious world will seem unimportant, like they happened in another far away, world.
Your new environment will take up your full attention, and whatever your imagination is capable of creating will lure you inside its magical vortex. Sometimes what you experience can be so intense and thrilling that it will wake you up.
But with time and experimentation, you’ll get better at hanging on to your lucidity. This is why it’s important to at least attempt to stick to what your original plan was – to find out about your love life!

Ask yourself about love

Once you are in control of your dream, ask yourself, or another entity in your dream “Where will I find love?” -and see what happens. Ask to be shown the face of your soulmate, or quiz your unconscious self on what action you need to take, or what you need change to meet this special person. The answers may astonish you, and you may be shown too much information at once, or to get carried away by one small beautiful tangent until you have forgotten what you were doing there in the first place. Because the landscape of your imagination is such a changeable, reflective, alluring, river of thought, emotion and images, It’s all too easy to get swept away and lose control of the dream and slip into unconsciousness again. So the trick is to try to stay calm and focused, and remember what you came to find out!

On waking

If you are lucky enough to have woken up directly from a lucid dream you probably won’t need much help in remembering what happened. It should still be crystal clear in your mind because you didn’t waken very far from your current level of consciousness.
Write down or record what happened so that you can dwell on it now that you are fully awake. Were any of your questions answered? Do you recognise any faces you saw? What advice did you receive about your situation? What will you ask next time? Is there something you need to do, or change? How do you feel about what happened? Write down any significant emotions and thoughts to work on for your next meeting with your higher self.

Teasing fragments

If you slipped back into unconsciousness after your lucid dream it might be harder to remember what happened because you have transpired different levels of consciousness since it occurred. But if you know you were lucid for even a part of your dream you should be able to recover the memory.
It’s important to write or record any fragments you have immediately, or else they will sink down the plughole of your mind to be forgotten forever! If you just have bits and pieces focus on one tiny part that you remember, think about what sounds, colours or words you heard, any smells, images, messages or feelings that you have been left with. This should be enough to tease out enough memory to link to another part of the lucid dream, then another.
If you asked specific questions in your dream you can usually link back into the memory by asking the same questions, and see if that sparks anything too.

Back in the real world

While you’re in the act of recalling your lucid dream you’re probably not quite back in the here and now. The solid, waking world of ordinary consciousness operates in a different level to the one you had just occupied, so it’s a good idea to get up, have a cup of tea, and continue with normal life, just so you feel grounded.

The next time

The beautiful thing about practicing lucid dreaming is that you have a chance to swim in its spiritual waters every time you go to sleep. It’s not something you can do too much – and you can’t stray into areas you’re not supposed to visit, because your higher self protects you at all times.
The more energy you spend on lucid dreaming the better you will become at mastering its secrets. You will discover how to perfect and evolve your waking, conscious self, while immersing yourself in the boundless possibilities of your own soul.

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