Astro Tarot 19th -25th December 2016

Astro Tarot 19th -25th December 2016

Aries – 2 Of Pentacles

You have several choices this week. Your heart and mind are opening up to adventure; you’re a dreamer with fantastic ideas and sense of the future. If you can find the right balance, you can make that dream come true, but it’s essential to weigh things up.

Life may feel a little topsy turvy but also quite thrilling. You are very psychic right now, take advantage of it as Mars gives you the ability to put your hunches into motion. A dreamy, romantic, liaison is also on the cards….

Taurus – 3 Of Cups

The past pops up to say hello, perhaps there is an old work colleague you bump into or a gang of old mates? There’s a strong feeling of mystery and magic within your conversations, and you hunger for all things profound and with heart.

Make sure you’re picking up on the correct information, though, as it can be hard to work out what’s real and what’s wishful thinking especially when a love interest texts after a few cups of Xmas cheer.

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve moved mountains and pushed yourself forward, realising people and circumstances you could no longer tolerate, but have left some valuable treasure behind? Whatever happens, avoid gossip as it could cause misunderstandings. Embrace the past with fondness while valuing how far you’ve come.

Gemini – 8 Of Pentacles

All your diligent beavering away at work pays off. Career comes into sharper focus as you’re on the precipice of success. It may be holiday time, but your Ho, Ho, Ho will have to wait a few days until you’re done. Avoid being overly enthusiastic before you’ve finished, but plan carefully, and then great victory is yours. Someone powerful is watching all the hard work and innovation so keep going.

An amusing flirtation or ex may try to rekindle your interest, but it’s up to you how far you want to take it or if it fits into your new plans.

Cancer – The Star

At the end of the week, an abundance of healing and inspiration pour into you. Old wounds are forgotten as you realise that the future is looking good. Take any unexpected problems in your stride and understand that you’ve survived and come through a tremendous amount, and now you have the right to happiness and peace.

You’re a Goddess of nurturing and giving, but you sure won’t take any more crap. Open your heart to someone who is trying to make amends but be sure not to let any insecurities resurface or give your power away.

Leo – The Devil

Temptations, partying and debauchery is all on the menu this week. You’re ready for a personal revolution, after just one more glass of wine. Funnily enough, you are about to turn a corner with your health and well-being and have the right idea about what you need to do to get fit and healthy, of course knowing what to do and doing it are two different things, but you have an enormous amount of potential to pull it off.

A delicious dalliance is luring you in, and there is someone you just can’t get out of your mind. It’s likely to be an incredibly exciting week, but avoid doing anything too rash.

Virgo – 6 Of Cups

The world gets turned upside down as you take a trip like Alice down the rabbit hole. However, on this journey, you are going back to the past, yet everything seems a little different, it’s all familiar but not the same. You meet someone this week which you have a shared history, and yet if you stand in your power the interaction is on your terms.

It might feel kinda strange, the thing is, you’ve changed, but they not so much or perhaps have grown in a different direction? In a way this liberates you, you can enjoy the experience while not investing in it in the way you once would. You can see the good in people but equally are no longer under any illusions. On top of that, a new connection can feel as intimate as any in the past. The Six of Cups is about experiencing an innocent, deep and timeless bond that reminds us why we are here.

Libra – 4 Of Cups

Life is not dull this holiday season; you love to make people happy and often get drawn into being the peacemaker in family feuds. This week you are caught off guard by someone not only protecting you but putting in a great deal of effort to make you laugh and feel at ease. You manage to have a dose of passion, and within the hurly burly you actually have fun.

This welcome relief should be a common theme in 2017 as you appreciate that you cannot be the only supportive person in your tribe. Others are starting to value you, and you realise that perhaps there had been offers you haven’t seen until now. Look around you, there is more going on than you think. The Universe has a special present for you which arrives on Xmas day.

Scorpio – 3 Of Cups

You’re a bit of a Minx this week, and keen to indulge in pleasure and naughtiness. Life is happy to oblige and brings you a couple of opportunities to have fun. You’ve a pack of eager mates ready to encourage you on your quest to party but watch out for a communication problem with one of your pals who gets the wrong end of the stick.

If you are feeling a bit more Hermit, it may be a good idea, even if you’re not in the mood, to hook up with friends and go out. Sometimes it takes an external source to shift our emotions, and you are more beloved that you realise. A relative lets you off the hook but there may be someone else who refuses to understand you, that’s just them, try not to react or take it personally.

Sagittarius – 4 Of Pentacles

Home is where the heart is this week. Family, friends and all those you hold dear, gather in various spots with you rushing around like a wild fox trying to fit everyone in.

The most pleasure to be had is in your home and the places where you feel at your most comfortable and relaxed. Take time out to be still and have quiet times with your inner circle. Yes, you have an incredible ability and energy to achieve what most of us only dream of, but it’s in your interest to space things out.

An unexpected visitor or contact from your past leaves you with much food for thought but don’t argue about the past.

Capricorn – 5 Of Wands

Avoid being grumpy to show affection! Sometimes you don’t feel as if you are giving the respect or love you deserve. If you want attention, don’t show the opposite and get into a tiff or power struggle to be noticed. I know you quite like the making up!

Remember most people are not psychic, they are not going to understand that all you want is a hug and to be given a thank you! Reach out with warmth and show a little more of your vulnerable side this week, vulnerability is not weakness. If a person is deliberately annoying, remove your energy and hang out with the ones that get you!

Aquarius – King Of Cups

A gorgeous connection with a charmer could get complicated this week. On the one hand you feel closer to people than ever before, but on the other hand, you can’t seem to get a grip of their feeling for you. Could this be insecurity on your part? Are you over analysing?

Keep yourself grounded and don’t jump to conclusions. A confession or deep conversation about the past clears a few things up. You’re also working hard on your career and finance and find a solution you’ve been looking for.

Pisces – Ace Of Wands

It’s getting hot in here; you are on fire this week! Your mojo is restored, passion is surging through you. If you’ve been having a hard time you can turn it around. Life feels more sparkly and energised. You’re feeling confident and want to make things happen now. It’s crucial you trust yourself and your decisions as there may be some difficult conversations where you feel yourself wavering. Follow your heart.

A soul connection brightens your week and touches you deeply. Your emotional relationships plunge into a deeper realm.

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