Monthly Astronumberscope Mar/Apr Sun in Aries

Number 9

Your Monthly Astronumberscope March April Sun in Aries

Welcome to your monthly astronumberscope! Astronumerology combines the wisdom of astrology with the hidden power of your birthday number bringing you a new type of forecast on a different date to your usual astrology forecast. Each month you’ll be able to access hidden insights into what the universe has in store for you based on your birthday and the sign the Sun is in at the time. So, your Astro numerology forecast will be available when the Sun changes signs – usually around the 21st of each month.

It’s As Simple as 1-2-3

How do you work out your personal astronumberscope for the coming month? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

First – take your birthday date. Let’s say you were born on the 4th. Now, take the astro number for the sign the Sun is currently in. Between March 20 and April 19 the Sun is in the sign of Aries. The astronumber for Aries is 9. It’s 2019. So, to work out your forecast for the period of March 20 – April 19 you add the following:

Your birthday: 4, the astro number for the sign the Sun is in: 9, the current year: 2019:

4 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 25. Now reduce 25 down to a single digit – 2+5 = 7. Read the astronumerology forecast for Number 7.

Here’s another example. Say you were born on the 10th. Your birthday: 10, plus the astronumber for the sign the Sun is in: 9, plus the current year: 2019. 1 +0 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 22  = 4. You would read the numberscope for the number 4.

What’s Special in the Sky This Month

We’ve got a Mercury retrograde in the sign of Pisces and meeting Pisces ruling planet, Neptune in here before heading direct once more. Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac and links us to spiritual mysteries and the past. Once direct, Mercury will re-encounter Neptune.  We may think we’re going forward – when the reverse is true. With the planet of awakenings – Uranus now in Taurus for a seven year stay, our values and what we are really working for, will undergo a complete revolution.

What does that money truly buy is? What is beyond price? Funny how these questions relate to both the material and the spiritual realms. We may have to journey back to the past – at least on a psychic level, to draw on our soul truths and re-frame past thinking, relationships and events, in order to re-make our future. It’s all in motion now whether it appears backwards, forward, stuck or in the case of Uranus – sideways. This month is an invitation to begin to see yourself, your life, your purpose and what is truly precious to you – in a very different light.

Forecast for Number 1 Month

The urge to splurge is not your friend this month if you are in a 1 personal month. This would normally be your time to shine, to launch yourself skyward towards your dreams, to create, to begin something new – a project, a job, a romance even. Often new beginnings go hand in hand with us wanting something new on the material plane – that makeover, furniture, home, car or even the escape route of a holiday. But with the strange and charmed lights in the sky, you new beginnings – if you are seeking one, will come from holding in place and looking at what has brought you joy in the past that you might have lost or let go of.

Yes, this month can and will deliver that promise of the new beginning – but it may be more subtle and spiritual than the usual outer glitzy one we expect during this cycle. The problem with those major purchases is – and with Mercury retrograde in the sky you should know to steer clear of them in any case, is that this is a new beginning when it comes to determining your soul worth. So, the main reason I am advising you to steer clear of major purchases this month is that due to the seismic shift in your value system that is occurring on a soul level, it’s highly likely that big ticket items will end up worthless to you – or simply costing too much, by the time you have finished this total re-evaluation of what truly matters to you.

Chances are what does is simply something money can’t buy you. And don’t think spending – think investment. In your creativity, self-expression, projects, talents, skills, wisdom, experiences and yes, in the people that matter to you. Begin everything anew when it comes to all that stuff money just can’t buy you this month.

Forecast for Number 2 Month

Your emotions are everything this month and how you feel about a particular person, situation or even in a Marie Kondo way, your possessions, will determine your response. This month sees you needing that extra special touch of tenderness in all your interactions due to your heightened sensitivity. Just ensure you don’t imagine slights when none are meant – that’s all. This is due to Mercury retrograde making things a little ‘foggy’’ right now. How secure you feel – in your job, where you live and all your relationships – be they romantic, friendship, working or family, will feature.

If you experience feelings of being adrift, un-anchored, insecurity or just not fitting in or knowing where you stand, this month asks that you ground yourself. How do you do this? First by getting highly organised and structured. Second, by taking a fearless look at your past and seeing how you came to feel this way in the first place. If you have unwittingly contributed to your own sense of not belonging, then time to own that and do something about it. Does this stem from feeling worthless or not good enough? Change this thought if this is what you discover. This is an exciting cycle despite all this when you can literally rebuild your future and determine your course for the long term. Are you up to the task?

You know the answer to that. This cycle wants you to choose joy. This starts with inner joy and restoring faith in yourself.

Forecast for Number 3 Month

This is always a lucky cycle but with the planetary vibe out there it is all about returning luck this month. Think boomerang month. You sent anything from those ideas, dreams, good karma, messages, applications, projects or even love, flying out there in the past. Maybe you have been thinking that you were never going to see anything come from this. That your call had gone unanswered or your efforts were in vain. What happens now has you thinking again as something returns having gone full circle – but it seems like a new beginning. This could even involve something you launched or did a very long time ago. So long in fact, you had consigned it to your own personal History of Failed Ventures.

The lesson this month  delivers is to always have faith. What succeeds for you now is taking a chance and by that I mean taking a chance on yourself.  This is a cycle of relaunch. To reclaim dreams life made you abandon. So, as well as catching that dream that comes back to you this month, look to where others have been packed away in that dark drawer of dashed hopes, bring them out, dust them off, remake them anew if necessary – and send them winging away from you. Now you know at some point in the future at least one will find its way back to you. Dreams are the homing pigeons of the soul. Welcome one back and let others take flight.

Forecast for Number 4 Month

If you find yourself in a 4 cycle this month then no matter what you Sun sign, you will feel the presence of Uranus now in Taurus.  Everything will be in flux and subject to change. The key for this cycle is to let go of any ideas of control. Contracts and agreements will be changed and re-written. Plans will change. People will change their minds and funnily enough – so will you. You are being awakened and also unshackled from what keeps you stuck, bound or prevents you from evolving.

The month has its own direction and you may have no other option but to hang on and go where it wants to take you! Finances, credit cards, your salary, loans, your Paypal account, accounts, shares and anything you trade may be up for renegotiation and review. Prepare for fascinating people to enter your life now. This is an excellent month to rebuild old connections and make new ones. Especially if these lie outside your usual social circle. The people who cross your path could have a major role to play in your future.

If you have a goal – share it with those you encounter now as they just may hold the key to you attaining it. No matter how things unfold – and the one thing you can bet on this month is that they may not do so as you thought, know that there is a grand design behind what may appear to be random, unexpected or simply a set-back you didn’t aniticpate. There is nothing random about the random nature of this month for you.

Forecast for Number 5 Month

If you have entered a 5 cycle this month, understand that the Mercury retro and remaining retroshadow which will last until mid-April, will affect you the most. Why? Because 5 is the number ruled by Mercury. Be careful what you say, write or just send out there now. Be your own editor and proofreader. Double and triple check everything and try if you can, to step back and ask yourself if anyone can possibly interpret what you are trying to convey in any way other than what you truly mean?

The problem now is misunderstandings can and will occur. This is a two way street with both lanes leading to possible confusion. And by that I mean someone else’s message may get Lost in Translation with you assigning it a very different meaning to its original. Please do not be afraid now to repeat yourself if necessary or to ask for clarification from others. Aside from the wording this month being misinterpreted, changed or altered without warning, provided you time things correctly you can avoid most of these pitfalls.

Wait to take action on work matters and to say what you need to say (and rehearse this please as well as all presentations) until the start of April. Then you will discover that your preparation pays off. You will bring a new confidence and surety back to communication and business dealings and put any crossed wires behind you. From April your workload should increase as should your back account with it. Until then – keep track of everything you say – and is said to you in turn.

Forecast for Number 6 Month

How about opting for that untried love this month, lover? If you have a romantic ‘type’ and love is your goal, how about ditching it just for this cycle? You’re being invited to take place in a grand love experiment. If you want something different, then you have to stop choosing more of the same. This doesn’t just apply to love this month, but pretty well anything. This month should offer you the opportunity to see, taste, touch not just something new, but for it to fall very much under the heading of ‘What money can’t buy’.

Yes, money can buy your way in to things such as that concert or A-list event. But the experience you take away cannot be bought. The thing is – some people pay the entrance fee and take away nothing. Others find themselves invited in for free and leave with memories that last a lifetime. This month wants to offer you entrée on some level. You could find yourself attending an event – and possibly one you did not have to pay to get into. For others that entrée could be to a new and better job, a relationship, a family situation, or even a home. It may look very very different to what you thought it would. But that’s the thing about opportunity – it often does. This month asks you choose something different off the menu of life.

Just for fun and to see what it tastes like. It tells you its time not to take things so seriously. And that the good things of life – romance, art, music, good food, opportunities – are spiritual goals in their own right. Get ready for a beautiful, new experience this cycle – provided you are prepared to choose different.

Forecast for Number 7 Month

This cycle promises incredible attunement to the feelings of others, but you need to strike a balance. Because you are so sensitive, there may be times when you are not sure where you end and others begin. You may not be able to separate their feelings from you own due to your enhanced empathy and somewhat permeable  boundaries. Because of this, you need to set some. To know where you end and other begin and also to know if someone is taking advantage of your vulnerability now and has crossed the line.

If so, despite what you intuit, you mustn’t be afraid to push back. This month wants to teach you the different between empathy and sympathy. You can be extremely empathetic and feel  deeply what someone is experiencing – but if say their challenges have been self-created or they are stuck in a cycle without accepting any responsibility for their actions, sympathy is not the correct response. Once we grasp this simple difference, the funny thing is we are then in a much better position to give someone REAL help – while protecting our boundaries as we do so. This month may have some priceless gifts to hand you. They may not be the material kind but believe me, in the long term you will end up valuing them much more.

These are searing spiritual insights which reveal the heart of the matter.  This can relate to your own life, answers to those big questions or mysteries surrounding your past, lessons you can now apply to your own life to bring about incredible shifts – or you just seeing someone in an entirely new light. Once this happens – you will not only feel liberated but the world and all the potential in it, will look fresh and new again.

Forecast for Number 8 Month

Although at times you may feel frustrated or confined during the coming month, please try to resist acting on these feelings. If you give in to them and act impulsive, rashly or even rebelliously, you will find yourself with a mess that may take some time to clear up. This is not a month to upend or revolutionise what has already been establish or is in place. If success is what you are after in this particular 8 cycle – and believe me, it is different to those you usually encounter, then this requires you to do things ‘by the book’ and work within the established system. Of course this does not mean sacrificing your individuality, or being a ‘yes’ person. What it does ask of you however is to take what exists and work it your way without rocking any boats as you do so.

This month can have you feeling time is either flashing past you or going far too slowly. You may also feel trapped, restricted or confined in some way. So, you may not have the resources you feel you need to either get your job done or this may impact on you on a more personal level. You may not feel you have enough money, love or even again – time at your disposal. The secret to succeeding this month – and you can and in fact lay the foundations for something long term, is to work with what you have at your disposal.

Be resourceful. Look at how you can utilise or leverage it. It’s not how much you have – but how you use it. Work within whatever system you find yourself in. As you do, you are paving the way to freedom. And if impressing people in positions of authority and influence is also your goal, you’ll accomplish that at the same time.

Forecast for Number 9 Month

What have you been putting off? This month says: procrastinate no more. When we hit a 9 personal month, this is when we step into our full power. Are you actually scared to find out how powerful you actually are when it comes to creating the change you need to see in your life? Very often we procrastinate for exactly that reason. Our potential scares us. This month is your siren call that sings you are meant for something so much better than what you have been settling for.

With the Mercury retro action and Uranus in Taurus which rules our values as the backdrop for everyone’s energy now, how it will manifest in your cycle this month is you realising what is worth it and what’s not. And realising that how others treat you stems from how you value yourself. Back to what you might have bene putting off saying, trying or doing. This is not a month where the status quo is going to be maintained. If you choose to sit and say nothing, what you may discover happens is that the universe steps in for you. And in unexpected ways that will cause you to grow – because for those of you in a nine month this month more than any other – you are being called on to evolve. 

That dead end job you have put up with because you worry there’s nothing better for you comes to an end before you get in gear to apply for something new. That person you’re involved with who you never confront about their behaviour turns around and tells you it’s over.  Don’t wait for fate to send you in a new direction. This month wants you to discover your power by sitting in the driver’s seat of your own life. Do it – and do it now.

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