18th March 2019 – Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 18 2019


  • Love needs to be equal
  • The world reflects your values
  • Happy birthday, Aries!

Happy birthday, Aries. You’re in a cycle of expansion but this week it’s important to hold tight to what you value and look at who or what adds true value to your life. Yes, your money, assets and possessions are in focus thanks to ruler Mars and now Uranus in your money zone. But for you more than any other sign entering the Uranus in Taurus cycle, it really will be about what matters most to you. Being your birthday season, more possessions are likely to be coming your way. But the fact is, this exciting new chapter isn’t about more ‘stuff’ – as lovely as that can be, but self-worth and what’s priceless to you. Only you can set those values but what you can be sure of is, they will define you and quite possibly your financial future too. That is not to say a powerful financial shift may not translate into money in the bank for you this week thanks to a powerful alignment between Mars and Pluto in your 10th. This may be fuelled by your desire for success, recognition and also financial security. The results of any action you take may be apparent on the 23rd when the Moon in your 8th opposes that newly arrived Uranus in your 2nd. If there’s a financial revolution happening for you now, it is down to your own efforts and you setting it in motion.

The day after the Sun reaches your 1st, we have a full Supermoon shining out from your 7th house. This is all about the person opposite you or even the world, reflecting back those values. This Moon has so much to tell you about who or what really matters to you – and in the case of a relationship, how much you matter to them. If it’s equal your open, brave Aries heart will give its all. You’ll seek balance in all your interactions and this Moon can bring in wonderful relationship rewards – be your connection a business one or just all about the love. In fact, this week truly is all about the love whether it’s what or who you value, Aries.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, fiery Aries! The world and the people in it will be your mirror this week. Send out love to have it reflected back and illuminate what truly matters. It’s a gift!


  • Freedom, beauty, truth, love – your revolution has begun!
  • Shake yourself free
  • Reset for balance

Whether you know it or not yet you have stepped onto a rollercoaster and need to strap yourself in for this will be the ride of your life! Stand by for excitement and thrills and embrace and initiate creative change. Freedom, truth, love, beauty – the ride involves all of these and the experiences you have will evolve your soul all thanks to newly arrived Uranus in your 1st. Life may take a direction all its own but one thing you can count on – it will not be dull. Mars planet of action makes a freedom pass at Pluto in your 9th of long distance travel, expansion, learning and opportunity breaking you free from something that has held you back for far too long.

You may not have been able to see just how confining this has been up until now but expect illumination with the arrival of the Sun in your 12th. You may also be tired of the way people have pigeon holed you or taken you for granted. If so this week could see you shake up those preconceptions or just let them know that enough is enough.  This week’s full Supermoon in your 6th is all about balance. This includes restoring that to connections that have become one-sided and also looking at the mind/body/spirit connection. Are you working with your body or against it? Too much work and neglecting your body’s needs or your soul’s craving for down-time? This Moon may bring up something which shows you just how far in one direction the scale have tipped. Reset and adjust this week. That rollercoaster ride now may include the person taking those turns and loops with you. Or has it become too much rolling and not enough coasting? Or vice versa – lost its excitement? Again, you may need to look at what is out of balance or just plain missing when it comes to love as Uranus opposition the Moon in your 7th brings an awakening to your needs. If you feel shackled to something that has been lived out just remember – this also is an imbalance. Shake yourself free this week.

In a nutshell: Step into a cycle of excitement, reinvention, awakenings and thrills. This week allows you to see where you’re stuck or where life is out-of-balance. Shake yourself free and re-set, Taurus.


  • Be 50 Shades of Brilliant
  • Revelations set you free
  • Follow that insight where it leads you

What don’t you know, Gemini? Whatever it is, and believe me, there is something, you have an inkling or your inner voice nudging you in a certain direction this week. You’re being guided towards the truth. And your intuition is your compass in this instance so please follow it. Uranus in your 12th is all about awakenings and revelations which set you free. Stand by to see things very differently. It’s a week of true colours but you have another seven years ahead of you of radical new perspectives and seeing new dimensions to your own life, the universe and embracing a totally new way of thinking. You’re always up for a mental challenge and this is not so much that as a soul road to freedom that you are going down now. When it comes to those true colours this week, this could well involve someone you know. Paint you so surprised one way or another as someone reveals shades you were not aware of. Mars trines Pluto in its ruling 8th from your 12th so for some of you the surprise may well be pleasant. If it’s the opposite then see this as a gift and call you 50 Shades of No More Time Wasting. Others could have that personal revelation where they see that what they are doing isn’t actually in their own best interests. If so, alternatives are revealed for you.

Get out there, get social, get that loving feeling now as the Sun enters your sector of friends and connections on the 20th. The full Supermoon in your 5th on the 21st could supersize romantic possibilities for you. For some this could be a magical date night. When it comes down to good company, good times, fun and pleasure however, you should not stay home now. Make that extra effort to get moondancing as you should have no lack of people wanting to accompany you. This could be just one special person or a group as individual and crazy minded in all the right ways as you are. Show your true colours to the world because this week, it’s looking for someone painted exactly like you.

In a nutshell: True colours are revealed this week. Your intuition could be telling you something about someone shady. When it comes to yours however, unfurl them. Others like what they see.


  • Love is found in unexpected places
  • You’re on show
  • Open your arms wide and let the future in!

You have Uranus in its ruling 11th for the next seven years. Of all the Uranus transits this is the one  which is so – Uranian. Let go of everything you know and especially outcomes and any illusions you may have about control. The more you try to control things, the more chaos you’ll create. The trick is to throw your arms open wide to the universe and shout: I’m up for the ride! And then just see where and with who, you end up. Uranus in your 11th is all about your future and aligning you with it. You can close yourself off and refuse to budge, but here’s the thing – your future courtesy of Uranus will merely kick open your door and enter anyway. And don’t even bother barricading that door as it will come through the window instead. Whatever transpires now is set to free you to embrace this future. Above all, let go of labels like ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and just see what transpires as experiences. Really you’ll end up right where you are supposed to be a lot quicker if you do. Unexpected shifts may colour this week especially around relationships. Again, don’t judge what is happening, just accept it. If you’re looking for love it may be found where you least expect it or you have that classic Sliding Doors moment where you could have gone one way, went another instead and found what you wanted there by accident.

Career matters are also in focus now the Sun has arrived in your 10th from the 20th. This is your month to stand out in some way via what you do and have achieved. Understand you are ‘on display’ on some level and take care of your image – especially your professional one. Ruler the Moon is supersized and waxing full in its ruling 4th this week. As a result, you may be feeling extra-specially sensitive, vulnerable and in need of reassurance. Ask yourself what is in you need in order to have all that. Then let go and have faith in the universe to deliver it. This week could bring you an opportunity to create something that sustains you long past a supermoon’s influence. Have faith in your future to deliver it this week.

In a nutshell: Your future wants to enter your life. The question is – are you going to let it? This week asks you to have faith that what the universe delivers is all about the destiny that’s right for you.


  • Be the author of your future
  • Beneficial work or business relationships can be forged
  • Dazzle with your ability to turn your thoughts into ideas that enchant

Ambition may now be taking you in a fresh direction, Leo. You’ve the drive to succeed but in a way that frees you to be – well, you. Time over the next seven years to forge your own unique path now that Uranus has arrived in your show-stopping 10th. If you have chosen the wrong path, then please know that nothing will now keep your feet on it. At some point during Uranus’s stay in here, you will be offered a new direction and one that is yours and yours alone to follow. It will also allow you to show the world who you truly are and what you are capable of. Mars also in your 10th, has your confidence soaring when it comes to making that unforgettable impression on people with the ability to green light your future – be they bosses – present and potential, clients, gatekeepers of all kinds, people in positions or influence and authority. Time to harness that regal, leadership potential that is your Leo birthright, hold your head high and act with confidence as you are in a position to ‘author’ your own future career now. Significant rewards and recognition could be yours this week with the added benefit of forging a highly beneficial long term working relationship or partnership thanks to winning aspects between Mars and Pluto in your work sector.

News and freedom as well as moving on – in some instances this could involve travelling, in others a move away from restrictions and on into fresh opportunity, could accompany this as the Sun sails into your 9th. This is all about knowing where you are going so ensure you have a clear plan, destination or outcome in mind. This week also sees a full Supermoon in your 3rd of business and communication. This Moon hands you super-sized powers of perception. Walk into a room or a meeting and you will intuitively know what to say. Your unique superpower under this Moon is your ability to think in pictures and then convey these mindful images in words that wow. Tangible results of this to take you on into the future could be yours when the Moon now in its ruling house on the 23rd opposes that Uranus. Especially if you go with the innovative or untried approach that nonetheless is all about you and what you have to offer now, Leo.

In a nutshell: A fabulous, fresh direction could emerge with your work or career this week. Dazzle with your ability to turn pictures in your mind into ideas.  And take a unique approach to success.


  • Let go of what you have outgrown
  • Be propelled towards something new
  • Values create the security you need

Often we create routines, structure or even surround ourselves with ‘things’ to give ourselves a sense of security. But what happens when we no longer need them? Often we hang on to them even when we have outgrown them simply because well, they are there and we think they give our lives meaning. Or we are simply afraid of the change that would rush in if we were to let them go. This is a time of knowing what remains relevant for you and yes, does contribute to your wellbeing, purpose, sense of security and belonging, and what quite frankly, now prevents you from growing, evolving and experiencing the new. Get ready to let this go whatever it is. This week could see the start of the process that restores fun, excitement and pleasure. Uranus in your 9th is all about freedom and awakenings. Mars also in here makes an unshackling aspect to Pluto on  the 20th which could propel you away from something confining and onward into something new.

The Sun in your 8th is pointing to transformation ahead and this could even happen around the money you need to initiate those changes or enter this cycle of soul freedom. Look to your money, your resources and also your possessions under the light of the full Supermoon in your 2nd on the 21st. This is all about what you truly value now. Look back and see how your values or what’s truly important to has changed over the years. As this has evolved, so should your feelings of security. You may find you need less but feel more secure. Is there still work to be done? You could end this week in a better financial position than when you started it but that isn’t the main point. The point is what is growing or going with you and what holds you back from doing this. You need to continue to value or add to the former and now ditch the latter. If a gap opens up in your life know that what you truly need to continue to evolve will automatically come in to fill that void. Or you may find surprisingly, there is no void at all. The 23rd sees  you firmly committed to this new sense of security in knowing you made the right decision as the Moon in your 3rd opposes Uranus. On a soul level, you have everything you need now and nothing you don’t.

In a nutshell: Value only what evolves your soul. This is your ‘less is more’ week. The more you get of what you value – the less you need. That’s how the universe – and success. works for you now.


  • Embrace a cycle of change
  • Opposites attract
  • Partnership questions are asked – and answered

Just admit it Libra. You’ve been hungry for change. This can be anything from a change from not knowing where you stand with another, a change in your finances, circumstances or even your address. Hopefully you know this and are more than ready for when it arrives. Or at the very least won’t stand in its way when it inevitably does.  Be prepared to move forward, perhaps literally for some of you as a house move, changes to your living arrangements, family situation, sharer or even your career could be in order as Mars in your 8th trines Pluto in your home and security sector. Uranus has also just changed signs leaving your 7th and arriving in your 8th and ending guessing games when it comes to relationships and that past, present or potential partner.

This week could simply feel like a fresh start. And even if something is left behind you, it feels like a new beginning – which it is. The Sun enters your 7th from the 20th and this is naturally, your major house of attraction as it is all about the person you attract who is ‘opposite’ you. The powerful full Supermoon in your 1st on the 21st is your searchlight now. It is going to illuminate the object of your focus and is going to be very much about you and someone else. This could be a long term love, a working partnership or relationship, a deep friendship or even in some instances, that person you truly cannot stand. No matter who it is, they form a part of the changes that are coming through. This Supermoon reminds you that what you focus on, you draw to you. What or rather who, does it pull in to you like the tide? The 23rd could bring you an opportunity to enhance your security or finances. Again, if your focus is with positive change, it can’t help but be drawn to you this week.

In a nutshell: What do you want to attract, Libra? Is it change? What  – or even perhaps who, appears opposite you is the harbinger of transformation this week!


  • What’s in the vault?
  • Dive deep
  • That secret love won’t stay that way

Time to tell a friendly star about that secret – love or otherwise, Scorpio. You are the sign of the vault. What is taken within is usually kept there which is why others usually entrust you with their deepest confidences.  But that vault contains your biggest secrets also under lock and key. Those secrets wishes, dreams or even the secrets you keep from yourself! If you have a secret love, this week could see it come tumbling out as if your psyche has been cracked by a master safe breaker! Get ready for revelations – either those you reveal or which are revealed to you, thanks to a full Supermoon in your 12th on the 21st. Still waters always run deep with you, a full Moon in your 12th means they run deeper still and a full Supermoon? This is basically the emotional equivalent of getting into your submersible and heading down to the wreck of the Titanic. You can’t go deeper than this and what eventually comes to the surface – it could reverberate right to your soul – just like the Heart of the Ocean. What you may come to realise when this is dredged up or revealed to the light, is the impact it has on other areas of your life.

Doing what needs to be done, saying what needs to be said and being willing to set yourself free of any secrets that may in fact be holding you back are other themes this week. Both rulers ancient and modern are aliened – ancient ruler Mars in your 7th and Pluto in your 3rd. What is said, communicated or comes out could alter the course of a key relationship or your relationship status. How you feel and following your right to emotional freedom will be of paramount importance when the Moon in your 1st opposes Uranus on the 23rd. Your reactions may surprise even you – they may come from deep within that vault. But with the Sun now in your 6th of work and wellbeing, you know that keeping a lid on them is no longer an option. No more secrets or as John Mayer would say ‘Fighting with the shadows in your head’. It’s all out in the open this week.

In a nutshell: Secret love? Not so secret anymore. Expect secrets to come tumbling out of that vault this week. Whether you or someone else has been keeping them – set them, and yourself – free.


  • Take your time so you don’t miss opportunity
  • Make those money making moves
  • Showcase your fabulousness!

Take care and don’t rush this week. There may be a need to slow down otherwise not only could accidents occur because your attention is elsewhere but you leap before looking at where you will land. Do however push ahead with the final stages of work and business plans thanks to a powerful and potentially super cash-generating aspect between Mars in your 6th and Pluto in your 2nd giving you the confidence to succeed and the energy to sustain you to victory! However, you need to remain aware of the tendency to rush in where angels fear to tread or just your mind being elsewhere which is when accidents can occur. Keep an open mind about health and wellbeing matters this week and explore alternative approaches. Your initiation could provide you with a new path to go down or else you see something that you thought supported you, doesn’t in fact do the job after all. If that routine is now a rut or that comfort zone is confining, do something about this.

This week sees the arrival of the Sun in your fabulous 5th and a full Supermoon in your 11th. Your opportunities for fun, good times with like-minded souls, romance and creative self-expression are superized under these influences. I should not need to tell you to get social and showcase yourself. This is no time to hide away or stay home. Do you believe it is your destiny to be noticed? This Supermoon sits in your house of the future. This is why the 11th rules our goals, wishes and dreams – they are out there waiting for us to claim them. To do that, we have to take action and also understand that nobody gets to their goal alone. Even that solo around the world yachtsperson needs someone to build their boat! Connecting with a goal in the form of the person who either embodies it or can help you attain it is just one future potential that surrounds you. As is attracting that new lover or sealing that deal with a kiss. Pucker up, buttercup and don’t rush. You may miss that opportunity that’s right under your nose.

In a nutshell: What’s your hurry this week, Sag? Don’t rush if you want to avoid dashing past that person or opportunity that wants to flag you down. Get a double dose of fabulousness instead.


  • Check whether lack of passion blocks success
  • Do it your way
  • A personal or professional goal falls within reach

There’s a touch of 80’s glam rock about you this week, Capricorn. But then your power suit usually does conceal the soul of a rock star. Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret. Show stopping moves can be made this week no matter what arena you are performing in. Get ready to perform as you are ‘on show’ professionally and personally now. What is more, like a rock star, you have the confidence and the charisma to not only go after what you want, but are willing to do it your way. Mars and Uranus in your 5th are all about passion and power. If you have been failing at something recently, or feel blocked or that you are going nowhere, take a moment to see whether or not your heart is truly in it. Because unless you believe in what you are doing or want as well as yourself, success will elude you. It’s that simple. You have to powerfully and passionately ‘feel’ it this week. If you do – breakthroughs are possible thanks to a fabulous aspect between Mars in your 5th and Pluto in your 1st. Other band members providing the back-up you need include the Moon in your house of the future opposing Uranus in your 5th on the 23rd giving you an outlet for a truly satisfying emotional and creative performance.

This week also sees a renewed focus on your long term security thanks to the Sun in your 4th and a full Supermoon in your 10th. You’ve a need to reach as high as you can climb this week – and to be acknowledged and rewarded for doing so. This may bring you even bigger results than you anticipated. You are setting the future in motion this week. And you may even be celebrating the start of something new or reaching a professional or personal goal. Know that this is just the first performance of what could turn out to be a major tour of success. Rock on, Capricorn!

In a nutshell: No matter what your job or career focus – you’re a rock god this week, Capricorn. But for success ensure you are passionate about what you do. The results will be your anthem.


  • Tune in to a new emotional sensitivity
  • Find an outlet
  • Potential and success are found in what is already started

Feeling restless or confined, Aquarius? You’ve two house guests in your 4th – one of them long term, handing you change energy that you may not yet be certain how to use. Ruler Uranus has now stepped across the Welcome mat and moved in here for the next seven years. Plus you have restless Mars as a temporary resident who wants you up and off of that couch and doing something. But what? That’s the question you could be facing this week. All energy needs to be channelled otherwise it bursts out in unexpected ways. And if there’s one thing you know about your ruler is its capacity for just that. Know that these transits can be misunderstood. You are emotionally more sensitive and your emotional needs are evolving along with this. Right now you don’t crave staying at home, you want stimulation and excitement especially when the Moon in your 10th opposes Uranus on the 23rd.  If loved ones try to cling or don’t want to join in, friction may result. Be open about what it is you need now.

Themes of freedom and soul exploration continue to ripple throughout your chart following the Sun’s entry into your 3rd from the 20th. Ideas, what you say and new ways to say it are going to feature. Please don’t forget however that Mercury which rules this house is retrograde. It’s about reviving, revisiting and revising those projects, messages and ideas rather than launching a new one. The same can be said for travel despite a sail-furling full Supermoon in your 9th. Under this Supermoon big adventures can commence or you find yourself on the home stretch. If it’s the latter, then bring whatever you are doing to a conclusion. If you are quite literally ‘setting sail’ now, have more than one course charted to get to where you need to go and perhaps even, an alternative ship standing by to get you there. Themes of going back over something or heading back into the past in some way could even be your fastest way forward into the future. Answer that restless call of the heart by looking at taking the final stages on an existing course, rather than embarking on a new one.

In a nutshell: Get in touch with your emotions as you will be more sensitive this week. You crave release in a new direction. But something you’ve already begun could provide the freedom you seek.


  • Turn that vision into reality
  • Hold out for what you deserve
  • Step into possibilities

People are going to love the way your mind works now. But please be patient with those who simply cannot keep up. There’s a touch of Big Bang Theory about you now due to your ability to break free of restricted thinking and out-dated ideas. You are the innovator, experimenter and inventor all rolled into one. The fact is, you may have been sitting on an idea for some time and this week says if so, its time has come. You have both Mars and Uranus in your 3rd but please bear in mind that the ruler of this house, Mercury, is retrograde. So, this is all about ideas that are unfinished or you have just been waiting for the right moment to do something with. That time could well be now thanks to Mars bringing you confidence in your vision as well as adding fire and passion behind it linking to Pluto in your house of the collective.  You have the vision and the impulsion to do something with it. This week will also see newly arrived Uranus in your 3rd also oppose the Moon in your sector of big ideas. What does this say? Nothing ventured, nothing won. Stop sitting on that idea – make it work for you instead.

The 20th marks an end to your birthday cycle as the Sun enters your 2nd. Your money and values are in focus and you need to bring strength of conviction and a sure sense of self-worth to bear on this. You need to know what you deserve now which may be totally different to what you believe you want. One is pegged by your true value and the other dictated by your ego. As the full Supermoon appears in your transformative and power-money 8th, come from the place of soul-worth and don’t be afraid to put in boundaries  – whether your negotiations involve money or even where you stand in a relationship. Ask for support if you need it and get serious about self-value now.

In a nutshell: No more sitting on that idea – time to do something with it. This week also revolves around asking for support – and knowing your true worth. Hold out for what you deserve.

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