Your weekly Horoscopes 1st October 2018

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 1st 2018

Your weekly Horoscopes 1st October 2018


  • Own your desires
  • Find your love truth
  • Prepare for rebirth

Prepare for a rebirth, Aries. Time to go deep within you and look at those love and intimacy needs and desires. Are you honestly facing up to them? And if you are in a relationship, are you being honest with your partner? Sometimes we can be afraid of our desires because they feel overwhelming. Or we fear speaking up and owning them – especially making ourselves vulnerable when it comes to love, will result in hurt or rejection.  Or there’s the flip side of that one – we don’t want to hurt our partner by speaking out in case they feel ‘not good enough’. Or we just plain fear the transformation that could follow. Venus retrogrades rarely so when it does, especially in your 8th of passion, rebirth, transformation and change – as well as those fears, it’s time to embrace the changing nature of love and your needs, whether you are partnered up or not. Work on owning what it is you want from others, and changing how you ask for this or even your partnership criteria. When the retrograde is over next month you’ll arise from the ashes of old loves and take flight into a new love dynamic.

Needless to say, with the planet which rules our love lives heading backwards in the sky, this is not a good time to begin a new lover affair if you are seeking something lasting. It is a time to work on existing connections and our relationship with ourselves. As Venus is retrograde in our house of sex, rekindling the passion between you and your partner is favoured if other priorities have taken over of late. The talk could include career matters too as Mercury asks you to push forward your agenda, project, pitch or plan. You may have to defend your ideas this week or sell yourself more convincingly. But really whether it’s a deep personal fear or a barrier to success, you have the ability to face it with a new understanding and bold approach this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: Prepare for a love rebirth, Aries. Owning your desires and your fears is your first step towards the love you need. Time for some deep soul lovin’ and truth about love, now.


  • Change that status quo
  • Renegotiate that love contract
  • Is it all responsibility and no play?

Take a look at your responsibilities this week. Taurus. Have you taken on too much? Are you so busy living up to others’ expectations you are neglecting your own? Have your dreams fallen by the wayside, perhaps without you even realising it? You are the sign associated with the ability to work diligently and who takes their commitments – whether in work or in their personal lives, seriously. But this week asks you to remember you are also the sign of sensual pleasure and worldly delights. Is there too much responsibility and not enough delight happening?

Are others expecting/demanding too much of you or are you doing this to yourself? You may see that whatever ‘status quo’ you have created that allows you to keep doing whatever it is you have to do, is just unsustainable this week. Ruler Venus makes a rare retrograde in its ruling house and that balancing act simply can’t continue now. With Mercury in its ruling 6th of routine and responsibility initiating a change with Pluto in your freedom sector, and the Sun meeting Ceres also in your 6th, something’s gotta give now. Whether this is making more time for love in your personal life, showing self-love, your work or just on issues impacting on your overall wellbeing, time to renegotiate with this this week.

In a nutshell: You’ve been maintaining that balancing act for far too long, Taurus. And at what cost? Time to set some new priorities for yourself – in terms of the love you give – and get back in return.


  • Change is part of soul evolution
  • It’s hot – or it’s not
  • True love is the alchemy of our lives

Romance, a creative project or passion, children and young people. One or more of these areas represent either joy or frustration this week. It’s either so totally on – whether it’s that connection, that hobby, hopes and wishes around a child or that recognition you’re seeking, or everything goes pear-shaped. Ruler Mercury is in your 5th which rules all these themes and makes a tense angle to Pluto in its ruling house (8th). Pluto is always intent on transforming something  and when in its ruling house in our chart, these changes are part of our soul evolution. You also have the Sun in your 5th meeting Ceres in here this week. Look up the mythology behind this dwarf planet and you’ll soon discover it is associated with a powerful cycle of change which is either feast or famine. But remember, Ceres rules the harvest and what we plant. Spring always follows winter and this occurs so new growth can appear.

Venus rules our love life and also our creative ventures. It starts an extremely rare retrograde from the 5th which will last until mid-November. This occurs in your 6th of work and wellbeing (not Venus’s favourite house in your chart). Needless to say, this is not the time to begin a new romance. It is time however to look at the impact the right or the wrong type of love has on other areas of your life and your overall mental, physical and spiritual health. How does your love life whether past, present or future make you feel? Love should enhance our wellbeing. Ditch any that doesn’t and as Venus rules your bank account, have a plan once it heads forward again, to ditch that job that doesn’t pay enough –either in terms of money or making you feel you do a good job, too.

In a nutshell:  One way or another, this week should show you where something close to your heart is headed, Gemini. Go for the love that enhances your life. And the same goes for work too now.


  • Time for a love re-birth?
  • Balance inner and outer desires
  • Can you truly ‘have it all’?

With the planet of love retrograde in your house of romance from this week until mid-November, past loves could feature but this is not the time to embark on a new one. Past pleasures could also reappear – things you use to enjoy such as hobbies or opportunities to have fun. When it comes to any lovers from the past wanting a second-time around opportunity, what happens next is up to you. Venus rules our creative ventures and our bank account and our 5th house is where we get to shine. Go back over and revise any creative projects but just like a Mercury retrograde, hold off on sending them out until Venus heads direct again. Also, explore how your creativity can make you more money. Children, step children, those younger than you – Venus retrograde has you looking at your relationship to the younger generation.

Juggling being a parent and a lover may be one of the issues those of you with children are looking at during this backwards Venus cycle. Your house of home, family and long term security has the Sun, Mercury and Ceres in here. Being all things to all people, having it all (or trying to), and balancing your needs as a person and what you want to achieve in the world with those of family, call for ever-evolving and endlessly complex negotiations. Not just with others, but also with yourself. If any aspect of your life requires the input of someone else to function, expect renegotiations to feature now. Remember, nobody gets to have ‘it all’ – but ensure others do their part so you get your fair share this week.

In a nutshell: Like the first – second time around love takes two to tango. It’s entirely up to you. Past loves feature – and that includes making time for what you love to do, Cancer!


  • Create a way of living you love
  • Time for a romance renovation?
  • Expect work progress

Review just what you love (or need) about your home, living arrangements or even your long term career between now and mid-November, Leo. Venus turns retrograde in your 4th and it’s time to focus on renovating that quality of life as well as the support structure you’ve created. This of course includes your money (which Venus rules). Hence the link to your long term career path as in how you earn your bread and are rewarded. Unlike Mercury which retrogrades three times a year, Venus retrogrades are rare. Because of the link to your money, Venus retrogrades are not a good time to take out a new loan, but they are good in your 4th for re-financing or re-mortgaging your home. Fine tune that lifestyle and if you find yours lacking in any way, take steps to enhance it. This includes the obvious such as redecorating or renovating and also the less obvious such as looking into what you truly love that supports and gives you pleasure such as spending time at home, whether doing the things you love or family and friends. Open your home, open your heart.

Venus retrograde is not a good time to begin a new love affair no matter what house in our chart this occurs in. Mercury is in its ruling 3rd in yours and very much direct now. The Sun your ruler is also in here as well as Ceres. Mercury angles to Pluto in that other Mercury ruled house (6th) this week which could indicate a big change or shift around your work, business success or news around an idea. Something you have taken a long view on could just prove it was worth the investment.

In a nutshell: Love your lifestyle and where you live now, Leo. If not, time to renovate it on every level. What adds to your sense of belonging and security is worth investing in now.


  • The past could come calling
  • It’s not what you have – it’s what you do with it
  • If love goes AWOL – don’t panic!

Messages of love could flow from the past. Creative projects and ideas could get resurrected. It sounds like a Mercury retrograde but it isn’t. It’s a Venus one but it occurs initially in Mercury’s ruling house in your chart (3rd). Venus retrogrades rarely – unlike the three servings a year from your ruler! Past work projects, opportunities or business ventures, past employers, resurrecting that idea, re-visiting places you loved and re-imagining your work or money making opportunity are all favoured. What’s not? Starting a new love affair, venture or even taking out a loan for that new business. Old lovers, old ideas, old colleagues and even old childhood friends could be in touch.  If a flirtation – either on the personal level or even the business one, began recently and then goes cold – don’t panic and don’t push it now. Wait to see if it re-kindles when Venus heads direct again next month.

Ruler Mercury is in forward motion in your 2nd which is the house which Venus rules.  Long term efforts could pay off now and something you thought a waste of time, energy and resources could surprise you by showing you it was anything but. However, by now you should know the retrograde rules and what they mean. Mercury may be direct in here but the ruler of the house isn’t. No taking on new financial loans or obligations. Love what you have and invest in that self-worth too. Look at where your resources are directed rather than how much money you have. You just may have more at your disposal than you think.

In a nutshell: Old loves may want to reconnect now. That includes old ideas revamped, old places revisited and even old friends.  Love could get fresh relevance on repeat, Virgo.


  • Take a soul approach to ‘asset’ management
  • Love what you already have
  • Plan ahead – act later

Unlike Mercury, Venus your ruler retrogrades rarely. Usually about once every 18 months for a period of 40-43 days. Because Venus does not head backwards often and due to it being your ruler, a Venus retrograde is therefore a very big deal for you. This week sees Venus turn retrograde in Venus’s ruling house in your chart (2nd) – making it an even bigger deal. During this retrograde cycle which will last until mid-November, Venus will move back into your 1st before making a station and then moving forward again. Just like certain things are off the agenda under a Mercury retro, the same rules apply but to slightly different areas when Venus moves backwards.  Naturally as Venus rules love and partnerships, this is not a good time to begin a new one – not just for you but for anyone. You may revive an old one while Venus is retrograde however.

When Venus is retrograde in your house of money you need to guard against extravagance and impulse purchases.  You can end up paying more than you need to or spending on something you quickly regret. Steer clear of taking out new loans or credit. It’s time however to show more love to the money you have and also to appreciating what you have to offer in terms of talents and skills. Reviving some may lead to more cash once Venus heads direct once more. The Sun in your 1st meets Ceres this week while Mercury (direct) angles to Pluto asking you to take a longer term view when it comes to home and career. Think ahead – act later when it comes to your love future.

In a nutshell: Time to relate to your assets in a new way, Libra. Review your relationship to what you have – everything from your money to your talents. And the people that are truly there for you.


  • Follow intuition to the truth
  • Relate in new ways
  • Get your glam on!

A small nugget of information could change a lot for you this week. Mercury in your 12th angles to Pluto in your 3rd, uncovering your next course of action or filling in an important blank for you. Once you know what you need to know, please take action on the information. This is your house of intuition, of hidden truths and secrets. Follow those hunches and gut feelings. What you now know changes everything.

Venus retrogrades rarely. This week sees the planet of love, beauty and romance head backwards in your 1st. Love is very much on hold for you now. And please don’t take it personally if you suddenly feel unloved. Remember, retrogrades are an illusion – and so is separateness.  However, if a connection ends on a Venus retrograde, then you may have to accept it is well and truly over. It’s not time for a new love now, but it is time to think about what you want from love in the future – and what you want to attract. Venus is the planet which magnetises us. She gives us glamour and the power of attraction. This is a time to work on yours – or rather what you think about your ability to attract and how ‘attractive’ you feel. Just remember in this age of selfies and Photoshop, that the term ‘glamour’ is linked to enchantment and magic. We talk about ‘glamourous’ people and the dictionary defines glamour as ‘an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing’. Glamour and the ability to attract transcends physical looks or circumstances. Weave a little enchantment and magic this Venus retrograde.

In a nutshell: Rediscover your hidden glamour and capacity for magic and enchantment, Scorpio! When truths emerge – take action. What you now know could change everything.


  • What’s the secret to love?
  • Time to get real
  • What you’ve got – someone wants it

Secret love, hidden love, past love, fantasy love, spiritual love. If you’ve got a secret love, don’t expect it to be secret for too much longer. Venus planet of love turns retrograde in your 12th of all things hidden this week. Hopefully you are not hiding a love that you don’t want anyone else to know about as this is the house that rules all things clandestine. Someone could declare their love for you – with you having no idea this was how they felt. Past lovers can return as can loves from a past life. If you’ve just met them but they feel oddly familiar, take that as a given. Unfortunately, this is also your house of illusion too. So, if you have been going around making excuses for someone’s bad behaviour or lack of commitment; or telling yourself that despite all evidence to the contrary, they really do love you, expect the blinders to come off. Venus retrograde is not the time to start a new love affair. Venus retro in your 12th will connect you to higher, spiritual love and also allow you to see where you may have constructed barriers between you and love – and to remove them.

Ways to boost your worth based on interacting with others or your money goals are also in focus this week. Have a plan up your sleeve? Now is the time to do more than just talk about it. That blog, website, idea could turn into a cash cow. Involve others and take your message to the masses. You’re just months away now from a period where you can launch your ideas skyward. Preview night starts this week.

In a nutshell: That secret love may not be a secret any more now Venus retrograde this week, Sag! Sitting on that big idea? Time to test market it. Your audience awaits.


  • Rediscover resonance
  • Go back to old haunts
  • Time for soul revival

It’s a time for revisiting this week, Capricorn. Revisiting past haunts, past friends and above all, past goals. Venus turns retrograde in your house of social connections, goals and dreams. It’s not a time to begin anything new – especially on the romance front. But it is a time for reconnection. Rediscover what you shared with a group of friends or that old hang-out you’ve not been to for a while. Organise a reunion. See how you can make the past relevant again – or else thank it for the experience and let it go. Venus retrogrades rarely so when it does – it’s a big thing. Above all, reinject some love into a goal, reshape and repurpose it if necessary. We evolve and what we want changes along with us. What we wanted before may not be what we want now – or we still do but it needs to change form. You have from now until mid-November to reshape your future.

This week could mark the point where you receive the recognition you’ve been working towards – or see those ambitions dashed. Either way, you’ll get to move in a new direction as Mercury in your 10th nudges Pluto in your 1st. The Sun and Ceres meet in here and this is energy you can work with now. One final effort or just you tapping into your power core could be called for. On the other side is the release into something truly worthwhile, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Time to revisit and revive this week, Capricorn. Rediscover the resonance with old friends. Revisit old haunts. And revive those old goals which may be more relevant than you think.


  • Self-image matters
  • Rewards flow from past efforts
  • Get a second chance

Right now it’s all about you, Aquarius. Your image, the way you come across to others and how you want others to see you. Being the sign of the individual, you want to stand out and be seen for who you are. This is going to be increasingly important this week especially when it comes to your career and professional life. Mars now direct again in your 1st (its ruling house in your chart) gives you confidence, drive and yes, sex appeal. The confidence to be ourselves, and feel good about it, is one of the most attractive qualities we can have. Yes, Aquarius, you’re hot right now.

Having said that however, when it comes to love – use this superpower elsewhere for now. Venus retrograde is never a good time to begin a new romance – or take an existing one to the next level for that matter. Venus retrogrades rarely but this week sees it head backwards in your 10th of career. Time to look closely at your professional image, how you appear to others you work with or do business with, and make any adjustments if necessary. Remember, Venus rules our bank account as well as our love life. Rewards could flow from past efforts and even people you have worked with or for could offer opportunities. There’s a saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Venus retrograde says you do. Use this to your advantage now and relaunch yourself if necessary.

In a nutshell:  How you look, how you appear or come across to others, your image and presentation has a huge impact on your future this week, Aquarius. Look and feel your best. As only you can.


  • Take down fences
  • Identify barriers
  • Get a fresh outlook on love

The old classic song ‘Don’t fence me in’ sums up the Venus retrograde in your 9th, Pisces. Love that feels constricting, clinging or confining just won’t be your style now. You want to experience freedom now, and while you are happy to take a kindred free-spirit along for the ride, anyone who restricts you or is negative is likely to be left in the dust. You won’t even mind going it alone for a while than be with anyone who doesn’t share your desire for adventure and exploration. This may be a good thing as a Venus retrograde is never a good time to begin a relationship, no matter which house in your chart it occurs in. You could end up with a new love philosophy and a whole new outlook when it comes to matters of the heart by the time this transit is over.

In fact, this week may bring a few revelations when it comes to who or what is holding you back thanks to Mars in your 12th. Once you become aware of this don’t hesitate to initiate any changes.  Reconnecting with people from overseas, returning to far-off places you love is also possible now. Look to where you may have unknowingly placed restrictions on yourself when it comes to your love experience. Time to remove them. No more fences between you and what you want from love in the future.

In a nutshell: You’re seeking a new freedom when it comes to love and relationships, Pisces. Love without borders? That could be your new cause this week.

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